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How to Delete Bad Google Reviews in 4 Easy Steps

It is a possibility that your company can get negative reviews at google by some people even if your shop has never been visited by them. A good reputation of your company can be built-up if the people are giving the good reviews. If a customer is angry then the review left by him can be a nightmare for you. To deal with such kind of problems you should be provided with a facility so that reviews on this search engine can be deleted by you.

For doing this you not only have to deal with the customers but also with the competitors. A lot of Google reviews that are fake can be put on your business page by the competitors. So, you should take utmost care of it. It is a possibility that the reviewer is a fake person but not the real customer and it will not be good for you.  

Now I will describe in 4 steps how to delete bad google reviews.

1.Fake reviews at Google can be handled – Before buying an item the online reviews are seen by 91 % customers. Ripoff Report, Yelp, Facebook, Google are some of the review platforms and getting positive feedback from these is very essential for you. Small trades should see the review every week and big trades must see the review every day.

There is no need to get frightened if you get a 1-star review. But you should check if it is authentic or not. The reasons for getting a negative review can be large in number. Its biggest reason is if the customer experience is bad then he can leave a negative review. It can happen if you are unable to give good service to the customer or if the faulty item is received by him.

You have to be very careful because it can be done by spammers and competitors. Each review should be read by you to find out who has put it and what is his purpose behind this.

If the review is fake then how can you spot it?  The fake reviews can be spotted with the help of a checklist:

  • If in the review a competitor is recommended by the reviewer.
  • If your competitor and reviewer have a good relation with each other.
  • If proper detail is not given by the reviewer.
  • If the complaint’s date does not match with the date of the transaction.

What will you do for flagging a review on Google that is fake? After finding a fake review you will want to remove it. The fake review can be flagged by using Google maps when you will search the business listing on these. Then ‘reviews’ must be clicked by you. After this you can use the tips mentioned above for spotting the reviews that are false. On Google business reviews’ right side there are 3 vertical dots. These dots must be clicked by you and then click on “flag as inappropriate”.

2.Bad reviews at Google can be deleted – An irrelevant review must be deleted. A review can be disputed by you if it is negative. Its various types are:

  • If the interests are conflicting – A competitor or a former employer can give negative review.
  • If the content is prohibited – A derogatory, dangerous, offensive, locally restricted or illegal content will be deleted by the search engine.
  • If the content is off-topic –The Search engine will remove the content related with political, personal and social issues.
  • If the content is fake or spam – For improving the ranking the fake content will be removed by the search engine.

A Google review can be disputed by using the following steps:

(i)First you have to go to Google My Business profile.

(ii)Then in the navigation panel there is an option of “support” and you have to click on it.

(iii)Then click on “Need more help”.

(iv)After this “Customer reviews and photos” must be clicked by you.

(v)Then click on “Manage customer reviews”.

(vi)At last “Email support” must be clicked by you.

3.For deleting the review on Google you should ask customers – If the complaint of the consumer is genuine then it should be resolved without wasting any time. By doing this the complaint will be taken down by him.

There are several ways of doing this:

  • The reviewer must be directly contacted by you – Offline talking can be the best option. The issue can be easily resolved and the customer will calm down if you talk to him via phone.
  • A proper tone must be used – A negative review can be converted into a positive review if you use a right tone. Excuses must not be made by you.

4.Review from Google must be deleted – Search results will contain the reviews even after they have been taken down by Google. Therefore, a content that is outdated must be removed by putting a request.

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