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How to Create Account on TikTok

A Step-by-step Guide

TikTok offers fantastic video editing features and impressions that make it one of the most versatile and easy-to-use editors.

No concern about your action; you can have fun creating random videos with an intuitive design and easy-to-use tools for influencers, content creators.

Step# 1: Download TikTok and try the tool. 

After downloading the application and creating an account, you can register! Then, you can start over or can add the video from the camera roll.  

  • First, click on the video icon to record the video.
  • Then choose one of the various capture effects and tools placed on the bottom right of the screen. 

There has a variety of TikTok video editing tools to choose from, including:  


Choose which camera to use to capture TikTok video content, front (such as a selfie camera) or rear.  


It allows you to set an intuitive hold of the recording time when you want to do hands-free recording, and you can also set the number of videos to be recorded at a time. 


Tap the lightning icon to switch on the phone’s flashlight, tap over to switch it off. It only applies to the front camera.  


Speed ​​tool enables you to reduce down or speed up the record. You can utilize it in certain portions of the recording and set it for each segment.


At the top of a mobile screen, you will see a word called “Add Sound.” Tap the button to select dubbed music or sound effects for the recording. You can explore music in the “Sound” menu or use the assigned “Detection” label to discover ascending sounds. You can also record content that contains any music utilized in existing TikTok videos by clicking on the soundcheck and choosing the option “Add to favorites.”


Beauty Tool is an AR filter that can cover spots and present your skin glow. Unfortunately, this gives it a “spray gun” appearance.  


TikTok users like the filter, and there are valid reasons for that. They make VSCO great value for growth and can be used before or later shooting. To use a filter, click the “Filter” button and swipe left to preview your video. You can further choose from the menu below.

TikTok even has sorting filters to help you select any content that suits you best, including portraits, landscapes, food, and vibration. 


Select the effect icon in the lower-left corner of the screen to open the TikTok effect tab. There are hundreds of effects to choose from, including categories: Trends, New Products, Special Effects, Interactive, Training, Beauty, Face, Art, and Animal.

Also, you can add effects before or after recording the video, but some of these effects may not be available before you start recording. So, now that you understand the basics, it’s time to start rolling!

Step# 2: Record video in TikTok

After selecting the recording effect, you can start. If you want to record hands-free, you should use the countdown option to record the video. This allows you to record part of the video content without holding down the record button.  

Select the length of the video and click to start the countdown. When the countdown begins, the app will count down 3 or 10 seconds and then start recording.  

You can set the recording stop point in advance or touch the recording button to stop recording manually.  

You can also record a video by pressing and holding the record button. However, the most significant video editing feature in TikTok is that the app allows you to record in “segments” (just like the Vine video editor).  

This means that you can continue where you left off by pressing and releasing the record button. If you are not satisfied with your clip, just press the Enter key to the right of the record button. You will see a message asking if you really want to delete the last segment. Next, just click “Confirm”.  

Step# 3: Edit your TikTok video

After recording all the clips, click the checkmark to switch to the TikTok video editor.  

On the right side of the screen, you can see control filters, trim clips, voice effects, sound effects, trim, and volume: 

Select trim clips to rearrange or trim segments or parts of individual clips. For example, if it is just a steady clip, select Trim to cut it.  

Use voice effects to apply voice filters to audio-video, such as audio-video: chipmunk, baritone, Shake, and electronics.  

Also, voice effects are applied to the original sound and recording. Add your own voice-over to your TikTok video by selecting the voice-over. Click the record button to record audio for your video. If you want the voice-over to be the only audio in the TikTok video, please uncheck. Keep original audio. Press the Volume key to adjust the volume of the original audio and the added audio. 

This is useful when parts of your audio are difficult to hear. In the lower menu, you can add sounds, effects, text, and stickers. If you are satisfied with your TikTok video, click “Next.”

Before proceeding with the editing steps, make sure you have captured all the footage. When you return to the TikTok post editor, any changes you made to the content will be deleted.  

Step# 4: Publish your video on TikTok  

Finally, it’s time to publish your video on TikTok. However, before sharing your creation with the world, you should write a title for the video and include some hashtags that can increase visibility.  

The ideal TikTok tag should be short and complementary to the content you share. TikTok is a mobile video platform, so short and interesting copies usually produce the best results. 

Encouraging comments and advertising can also be a big win for the TikTok algorithm. Choose who can see your TikTok (public, friend, or private), choose your comment and two-person settings, and click Publish to share your new video on TikTok.

Also, don’t forget to include your TikTok video in the duet! 

This allows other TikTok users to film their reactions to your TikTok video on a split-screen, Also, you can buy TikTok video views which may be an excellent way to expand your reach and go viral.

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