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How to Create a HTML Document?

Write Your First HTML Document – ​​Creating the First Webpage from HTML

It is very easy to create a webpage from HTML. You can create a webpage using only basic HTML tags. Along with the webpage, it is also easy to create a website from HTML.

In this post, we will give you complete information about creating a webpage from HTML. You will create your first HTML document from HTML with us.

How to Create First Web Page from HTML

Step: 1 Open a Text Editor

To create your First HTML Webpage, first of all, open a Simple Text Editor. For this, you can use Notepad. Notepad is the best tool if you want to get started.

Step: 2 Write HTML Code

After opening Notepad, you have to write some HTML in it. You can copy the HTML program written below in your notepad. Or you can write this HTML program with the help of a keyboard.

In this example, we have used the tags used in the general structure of an HTML document.

<!DOCTYPE html>


<body><h1>My First Heading</h1><p>My first paragraph.</p>




Understand the Example

<!DOCTYPE html> defines the HTML tag document.

The <html> tag is the main tag of an HTML document. Inside which all HTML is written.

The visible part of an HTML document is written in the <body> tag. The part which we see in a webpage. It is written inside the body tag itself.

The <h1> tag is used to create a heading. Heading in HTML is from h1 to h6.

The <p> tag is used to write a paragraph in an HTML document.

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Step: 3 Save HTML File

The HTML you have written above. Now save it on your computer. Saving an HTML file is as easy as saving any other file. If you do not know how to save HTML files. So you must read the tutorial given below. In this tutorial, we talked about how to save an HTML document properly.

To save the HTML file, go to File. After that go to Save. Now press Ctrl + S. Now a SaveAs Dialog Box will open in front of you. Enter the name of your file here. See the picture below. like; In firstwebpage.html, Encoding select UTF-8. And click on the Save button.

Note: Must write .html in HTML File Name. .html is the file extension of the HTML document. 

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Step: 4 Open HTML File in Browser

Now your First HTML Document is completely ready. Now we have to see the webpage made of HTML Codes. So you have to open the saved file. Double click on the file with the mouse to open it. This file or web page of yours will open in your default browser. Which would look something like this to you.

HTML Document

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What have you learned?

In this post, we have given you information about how to create a webpage/website from HTML. Hope you have learned to create your first webpage through this post. This post must have been very useful for you. If you face any problem in creating your First HTML Webpage, then you can tell us through a comment. Please share it with your friends on social media platforms so that others can get this information…

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