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How to choose your hashtags

What is a hashtag

Hashtags are used on Instagram to define the theme of a photo or video. They allow you to index them on certain searches starting with #. It was not Instagram that invented the hashtag but that brought it up to date. Indeed they had already been used on Instagram. Hashtags are of real interest if you want to have significant visibility on Instagram. if you want your photos to get more views and likes you will need to optimize them.

For your Instagram community to create, all you have to do is develop your presence on the platform. to do so, it is very advisable to use hashtags to highlight your account.

What is a hashtag?

a hashtag is a group of words simply preceded by a #. they allow being referenced on certain requests. For example on Instagram, it is possible to give a maximum of 30 per publication allowing you to go out on 30 keywords which is not negligible. Sort of the categories in which the photos are stored.

The different types of hashtags

The hashtag must be chosen according to the theme of your photo but also of the public you are targeting. How to distinguish hashtags into several categories

hashtag with a large search volumes

The hashtag is a bit like the short tail on Google, the number of people reached may be huge however it is very complicated to be in the category of best publications given the competition that was present. however, if you get to it and it is in the best publications you will get a large number of visitors however they are not always qualified as on some hashtag such as #love.

Specific hashtag

Specific hashtags are widely used by small influencers because they allow them to get out in the best results without much difficulty. indeed the competition on its hashtag and much weaker. the traffic obtained with these is much more qualified and qualitative than with general hashtags

Place yourself on hashtag occurrent ciel while we are still only a small influencer but not very useful given that our photos do not expect the best publications. it is, therefore, preferable to opt for the specific hashtag on which you can raise yourself at the top of the search results and get qualified traffic to your Instagram page.

The impact of hashtags on Instagram’s algorithm

Since a recent update of the Instagram algorithm, it is no longer advisable to add a maximum of a hashtag as it was and before. too many hashtags may hurt your visibility but also your bread because it is often frowned upon to add a maximum of the hashtag in its description. We, therefore, advise you to imitate yourself with a hashtag number not exceeding 5 keywords per photo. This will increase your chances of going out first on the selected queries.

Do comments choose your hashtags?

Choosing hashtags is the most complex part of SEO on this platform.  to properly select your buy you will have to analyze the practices of your competitors. don’t hesitate to get inspired by influencers who have more followers than you. There is no hashtag to use in particular it will be necessary to choose them according to your field of activity. If you want to greatly increase your visibility on Instagram you can buy Instagram followers UK or thanks to our services.

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