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How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Lighting in Ontario

There are many factors to consider when you’re choosing outdoor lighting in Ontario. The most important decision is what type of light you want. Do you like sunshine that will provide security for your home or a light that will add ambiance? Once you have decided on the type of light, you need to consider the style, color, and wattage. By all means, the light should be complementary to your home’s architecture.

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Types of Outdoor Lighting in Ontario

There are many types of outdoor lighting to choose from when illuminating your home. It is essential to select the type that will best suit your needs. Here are some of the most popular types of outdoor lighting:

  1. Path Lights

Path lights are used to light up walkways and provide safety for pedestrians. They come in various styles, including solar-powered and low voltage.

  1. Spotlights

Spotlights are perfect for highlighting features in your yards, such as a garden or water feature. They can also be used to light up a porch or entrance way.

  1. Wall Lights

Wall lights are a great way to add extra lighting to the exterior of your home. They can be used to light up steps, porches, or entrances.

  1. Post Lights

Post lights are perfect for adding illumination to driveways and walkways.

  1. Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting is typically used to accentuate plants and trees. It creates a beautiful effect when done correctly.

  1. Security Lighting

Security lighting can help you feel safe when walking or driving around your property after dark.

  1. Flood Lighting

Floodlights are great for illuminating large areas, such as a parking lot or backyard.

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Ontario homeowners know that outdoor lighting is vital for any home improvement project. Not only does outdoor lighting add beauty and value to a home, but it also provides security and safety. Here are just a few of the benefits of outdoor lighting:

  1. Higher Property Value –

Outdoor lighting can increase the value of your home. Studies have shown that homes with well-lit exterior spaces sell for more money than homes without proper lighting.

  1. Enhanced Home Security –

Outdoor lighting can improve your home’s security. Well-lit exterior spaces make it difficult for criminals to hide, and they also make it easier for homeowners to see who is coming and going.

  1. Home Safety

Outdoor lighting can help you stay safe while walking or running at night. When it is dark outside, outdoor lighting allows people to see where they are going, which reduces the risk of accidents. Outdoor lighting also makes it easier for people to see any potential danger, such as a dangerous animal or a criminal.

  1. Aesthetic Value

Outdoor lighting can improve the appearance of a home or business and make it more secure.

  1. Inviting Entrance

Outdoor lighting can make your home more visible at night, deterring burglars. It can also make your home more welcoming and inviting, adding curb appeal.

  1. Commercial Benefits

Outdoor lighting is also essential for businesses. A well-lit building will look more inviting to customers, and customers feel safer when they can see what is going on around them. Outdoor lighting can also help businesses save money, as it makes it easier to see what needs to be done and reduces the need for security lights.

  1. Illuminate Gardens and Pathways

Outdoor lighting can showcase features of a property such as gardens or pools. Outdoor lighting can also provide illumination for tasks such as walking or gardening.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are many benefits to be had. Not only can proper lighting improve visibility and safety while outdoors, but it can also add beauty and value to your home or business.

Here in Ontario, we have a wealth of natural beauty to enjoy, and outdoor lighting can play a significant role in highlighting this beauty. By using the correct type of fixtures and bulbs, you can show off your home’s landscaping, highlight architectural features, and make your property more inviting for guests.

Not only does outdoor lighting look great, but it can also be convenient. Pathway lights can help you safely navigate your property at night, security lights can deter burglars and provide peace of mind, and floodlights can be used to illuminate large areas for special events or activities.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Lighting

When choosing outdoor lighting, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  1. Purpose of the Lighting

Before purchasing any outdoor lighting, you need first to determine what its purpose will be. If you’re looking for security lighting, then you’ll need something that can provide a lot of illumination. If you’re looking for accent lighting to highlight your home’s landscaping, then you’ll need something with more subtle light.

  1. Placement of the Lighting

Next, you need to think about where the lighting will be placed. If you’re installing security lights, they should be placed in critical areas around your home that are most likely to be targeted by burglars. If you’re installing accent lights, you’ll need to decide where you want them to be positioned on your property.

  1. The Type of Lighting You Want

Another critical step is to decide what type of lighting you want. Many different outdoor lights are available, from flood lights to porch lights to pathway lights.

  1. Budget

The next thing to consider is the budget. Outdoor lighting can be expensive, but there are options for every budget. Once you’ve decided on what type of light and where you want it, it’s time to start shopping!

  1. Others

Consider the style of your home and garden. If your home has a modern look, go with something more contemporary. If you have a traditional cottage-style home, you’ll want to choose conventional outdoor lighting fixtures.

Take into account the climate in your area. If you live in a room with harsh winters, make sure your outdoor lighting is weatherproof and can stand up to the cold temperatures.

Lastly, Think about how much maintenance you’re willing to do.


In conclusion, when choosing outdoor lighting for your home, there are many factors to consider. Go ahead and get started on finding the ideal outdoor lighting for your home! By following these simple tips, you can select the perfect lighting that will beautifully illuminate your home and garden.

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