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How to choose the best cycling shorts and jerseys

For an active sport like cycling, you will need the proper cycling apparel to make you comfortable, efficient and more protected. Due to the cycling clothing, you can ensure that you won’t waste energy when you ride. After all, they are more aerodynamic than regular gear. There are several types of clothing attainable for cyclists. Some of them include jerseys and shorts. Keep reading to know how to choose the best cycling shorts and jerseys.


How to choose the perfect cycling shorts?

Based on the quality of construction and materials, you can choose road-cycling shorts. But it must also conform to your unique anatomy. Read further to know how to handpick the best cycling shorts.

  1. Price: When it comes to purchasing the shorts, the more expensive they are, the higher is their quality. The material and construction of cheap shorts are substandard. The cheap shorts can be made from 4 to 6 pieces or panels and might not provide you with the perfect anatomical fit. In addition to this, they are not as durable as the expensive shorts. When you wash them by hand, wringing can blow out seams and break threads.
  2. Bibs: Shorts with built-in shoulder straps limit movement and irritation by keeping the chamois snug against the crotch. When pedalling out of the saddle, it can prevent the possibility of things moving out of place. When it comes to the high front, it can be difficult for men to urinate. Women prefer shorts without bibs since they don’t have to remove their jerseys. Bib shorts are exorbitant than standard shorts.
  3. Stretch: Spandex is a stretchy fabric that is used in many shorts. You can pull them easily, unlike shorts that are made of stretch-resistant fabric. It will certainly provide help to the pedal stroke. Kinetic energy is stored in the fabric on the stroke’s rear part and is released when you push down. Generally, this concept is utilised in competition appropriate for weight lifters.
  4. Overall fit: Although you might want your shorts to stay in the same place, you might not want any uncomfortable restrictions. When you stand in front of the dressing room mirror, your cycling shorts can look baggy in the butt. You can watch them mold to the body when you crouch forward into the riding position.


How to choose the perfect cycling jerseys?

Your rides will become much more comfortable and enjoyable when you choose the perfect cycling jerseys. Keep reading to know how to handpick the perfect cycling jerseys.

  1. Material: Traditional cycling jerseys were made from wool, which could harbour smells and be extremely itchy. But modern cycling jerseys are created from a synthetic blend. Synthetic fibres can keep you dry and comfortable due to their moisture-wicking properties. You can look for jerseys made from merino wool in case you prefer natural fibres. The merino wool can help you remain warm when wet. It is also amazing for sensitive skin. Plus, it is soft and breathable. You can also look for jerseys with fabrics that are a mix of merino and synthetic yarns to provide durability and additional strength.
  2. SPF protection: In the United States, skin cancer is the most common form. After all, the sun’s rays can lead to this disease. Hence, SPF protection is crucial, especially if you are out during summers. You will find many modern fabrics with built-in SPF protection.
  3. Pockets: Pockets are the most overlooked feature in the jerseys. In case you require a place for spares and food, pockets are an excellent option. Many road jerseys come with three rear pockets. You might also find extra zipped pockets to store valuables and money. If you are looking for cycling clothing such as winter jerseys, you can carry your phone safely since the pockets are weather-proof.
  4. Grippers and hems: You will find several cycling jerseys with silicone grippers on the sleeves and at the hemline. Race-cut jerseys might feature “laser-cut” sleeves for an aero advantage.

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