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How to Address a Proposed Action Plan for Enhanced Performance

Highly competitive and goal-oriented workplaces sometimes require employees to create performance improvement plans (or just plans). Perhaps you have not met your monthly quota for the past two months, your activity chart is not looking well, or your outreach efforts are flagging.

No matter the motivation, it is discouraging to have a performance plan handed over to the table by your boss. What should you do in response to a plan to enhance your performance? You can go one of two ways. Either accept that this is not the proper firm or position for you and quit, or give it everything you have got to succeed. Guide to Beating Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) are detailed below.

How to Address a Proposed Action Plan for Enhanced Performance

  • Determine if fighting back is worthwhile.

Putting your feelings aside, you must decide if you want to keep your job when you are placed on a performance improvement plan. It may be time to look for a new job if your manager is unable to meet with you or if you have lost faith in the firm. Check the plan to make sure it is correct and that it is doable in the real world.

  • Invest twice as much time

Put forth the effort necessary to achieve your goals during your performance enhancement strategy. Make it clear to your manager that you are willing to go the extra mile. You should turn down happy hour invites and schedule some extra prospecting time on the weekends right now.

Good, obvious work habits are also something you should strive for. Do not waste your time at work by checking Facebook for updates on your high school crush; instead, set the example by arriving early and staying late. Always go the additional mile, even if you think no one is looking.

  • Seek assistance

When you are on a performance plan, asking for assistance is a sign of strength, not weakness. Use your management, top salespeople, and other mentors as resources.

If you are on a PIP, there is a shortfall in something you are doing. Senior salespeople should review calls. Discuss your intended course of action and solicit advice from your mentor. Meet with your boss once a week to go over your progress. Also, have your coworkers let you know if they detect any unusual behavior on your calls.

  • Be positive and optimistic.

If you want to advance in your work and learn new things, use your performance improvement plan to your advantage. Demonstrate that you can keep a level head, break negative behaviors, and keep a positive outlook under pressure.

Having a good attitude can help you cross the finish line even if you fall short of your numerical objective.

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