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Health and Fitness

How the Metabolism Burns More Fat

How our body converts food into energy depends on our metabolism. It is influenced by various factors and determines how much we weigh.

Age, gender, physical activity and the amount of calories consumed all have an impact on metabolism.

Slow metabolism causes us to gain weight

Sarah John in her famous Sarah’s discovery wrote that the human body needs a certain number of calories to carry out everyday activities. The amount of calories can vary from person to person and is between 1500 and 2500 calories per day for most adults. Men typically need more calories than women.

The rate at which our body burns calories is metabolism. If the calories are burned slowly, the weight can increase faster. On the other hand, if the calories are burned quickly, the weight can be kept at a level.

More important than the number of calories is the quality of the calories. Our body relies on various nutrients to control metabolic processes and to perform all of its tasks. The more nutrients ingested through food, the better. These nutrients are supposed to provide energy, support the production of hormones and messenger substances, and are very important for muscle and bone health. In contrast, low-nutrient, high-calorie foods often lead to cravings, increased appetite and fat deposits.

More muscles ensure a higher metabolism

The more muscles the body has, the higher the metabolism increases. Fat, on the other hand, ensures that the metabolism decreases.

This is also a reason why metabolism often slows down in women after pregnancy. Excess fat builds up and is stored on the hips and breasts, making weight loss difficult.

Age also has an impact on metabolism. With age, the metabolism slows down, so the calories ingested are burned more slowly.

Physical activity has a strong influence on metabolism

If the metabolism slows down due to age, gender, hormonal changes, or other factors, it can easily be increased through physical activity.

With regular exercise and a nutrient-rich diet, more muscles can be built, so that the metabolism is increased and body weight is reduced more easily.

In order to build up more muscles, regular strength training is very useful. There is no need to build up large muscle packs. Tight and lean muscles also stimulate the metabolism and help burn more fat.

In order to additionally support the metabolic activities, nutrient-poor, high-calorie foods should be greatly reduced in the daily diet. Instead, metabolism-boosting foods can be incorporated into the diet. These include, for example, green tea, warm lemon water, ginger, cayenne pepper and raw cocoa.

In order to naturally increase our metabolism, it is important to understand the body and what causes it to increase metabolic activities. This helps to initiate specific measures to naturally accelerate fat burning.

With the right tips

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