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How Safe is Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Poor self-esteem is a problem that can be traced to so many factors, including poor teeth aesthetics. Having teeth that are stained or yellow will affect your smile. Though numerous treatments can be used at home, the outcome is never the same. For this, patients seek whitening solutions from dental experts. Among these teeth whitening treatments is laser teeth whitening. As an unpopular procedure, there may be concerns regarding how safe and efficient the treatment is. This will be discussed on this blog, but first, let’s look at some other methods of whitening teeth and compare them to laser whitening so you can decide better.

Popular whitening treatment for discoloured teeth

Yes, there have been solutions to unpleasant-looking teeth’ colour. Even over-the-counter treatments are available. Each solution has its bonuses and drawbacks, and the outcome is significantly different. At Teeth Whitening London, our dentist can discuss these options with you to know what’s best for your teeth whitening.

At-home whitening

Your first response to teeth discolouration may be to get over-the-counter whiteners to correct it personally. This includes whitening gels, trays and strips. Many of these products are made with nearly the same ingredients – the most common is hydrogen peroxide. Excessive use of these products can irritate the gums and make the teeth sensitive. As a self-medication procedure, the outcome may be mixed – some teeth may be whiter than others. Whitening toothpaste is also a popular teeth whitening product. This may produce a very little effect, while other methods may have higher efficacy. A dentist must supervise your teeth whitening.

Conventional expert teeth whitening

Best results for teeth whitening is achieved when a qualified dentist is involved. They have the expertise to remove stains and unsightly colours from teeth. For an expert teeth whitening, turn to a dentist today. With customised whitening trays, the dentist can safely and efficiently switch up your teeth colour. The trays can be applied at home or your dentist’s office.

The difference between over-the-counter whiteners and those offered by your dentist is customisation. Your teeth condition is well known to your dentist, so whatever product they recommend will be best. Contained in dentist-approved whiteners is a whitening agent that’s specially formulated and of high quality to offer great efficacy and lower side effects. The whitener is held very close to the surface of the teeth. Following a close watch over your teeth whitening, any required modifications will be made.

You can have this treatment at your dentist’s. A special method involving peroxide gel and UV light is used. The dentist will rub the gel on your teeth. It is activated with light, and your teeth colour can improve very well with a couple of treatments. This technique is called Zoom Whitening. What’s good about this method is you can preview the result you’re expecting from already done jobs. Is this technique making waves? Absolutely! It is increasingly popular as a whitening treatment.

Laser teeth whitening

This is another whitening treatment that can replace conventional whitening and at-home techniques. Here, dental lasers are used to bleach the teeth. Lasers also come in handy for surgery and fillings. It might interest you to know that laser dentistry has been around for over 20 years, but it’s recently gaining attention. There are modern dental clinics that have been using this advanced method. However, because of how pricey lasers are and the required high training, many practices couldn’t switch. It may not be easy to see a practice offering laser these days.

Unlike whitening trays and the rest of the conventional teeth whitening methods, laser whitening is uncommon. Because of how recent the method is, there are many questions and concerns about it which needs answers. Questions like how safe, how much improvement can laser whitening offer, and in what cases can laser whitening be used are being asked. Addressing these concerns will make patients feel more comfortable while getting this treatment done.

Does laser teeth whitening offer safety?

Yes, a safe laser teeth whitening is possible if a well-trained dentist does it. Your teeth surface won’t get hurt as the laser activates the whitening agent in use. As the laser works away at your teeth, the discolouration agents, peroxide gel and tooth surface will be caught up in a reaction. The beauty of laser whitening is that specific parts of the tooth can be targeted very well. So, the dentist will ensure that all teeth are uniformly whitened by checking out highly stained teeth and applying a generous amount of gel as required.

Will laser whitening improve my teeth colour?

People want to know how effective laser treatment for teeth discolouration is. And the answer is that laser whitening is almost like conventional teeth whitening where a light and whitening gel is applied. Once the gel is rubbed on, the light activates it to disintegrate surface stains. The difference is that a laser is used in place of light. And interestingly, the laser works faster by accelerating the breakdown of surface stains. Since it offers precise control, it is very effective and will keep on the low gum irritation and teeth sensitivity.

In what cases can laser whitening be used?

Laser whitening is applicable if you need a brighter smile, and the practice can perform it. Even many smokers and heavy drinkers of coloured substances can have whiter teeth after treatment.

Serious oral conditions may not allow those who have it to get laser whitening until treated. An enamel covered in too much tartar or decay will not easily accept the whitening agent and laser effect. So it’s important to have the teeth cleaned and repaired before proceeding with the treatment.

Visit your nearest teeth whitening clinic in London

Are you worried about discoloured teeth? You’re not alone; so many others are concerned too. A dental diagnosis is important to identify the cause of your discolouration, so you should go to a practice that you can rely on.

So, if you are ready for super teeth whitening with laser, then book your appointment for laser teeth whitening.

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