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How React Native Can Increase Productivity of Mobile App Developers

React Native is a powerful mobile app development framework that not only allows you to create high-quality, high-performing apps but also boosts developer efficiency. It helps you to complete an app project more quickly by increasing the rate at which you work.

It is critical that you complete your task within an acceptable time frame. You can’t just work for months or years and expect to get a good result. If the development of an application takes too long, your company will lose money.

There will be 24.5 million software engineers in the globe by 2021. In future years, a number of developers are projected to expand, mainly to the rise of app and web development in the digital era.

Mobile developers are among the lowest-paid software developers among the many types of developers. Mobile developers earn an average of 41,600 dollars per year, while engineering managers are the highest-paid software developers, earning an average of 96,000 dollars per year.

So, what exactly is the secret of React Native’s continued success? Its strength rests in its ability to execute JavaScript in a smooth, portable, and dependable manner. Rather than using each platform’s complex programming languages, we can obtain native speed and performance using the most widely used programming language to date! JavaScript may be maintained by anybody.

It’s past time to engage in React Native app development if you want your mobile app to compete with well-known businesses like Walmart, Instagram, and others. Furthermore, according to a recent Statista research, global app income is anticipated to reach 189 billion dollars by the end of 2021.

What is the significance of a developer’s productivity?

The solution is straightforward: quick app development will result in increased revenue in less time. According to the report, React Native was utilized by 42 percent of software developers. Approximately one-third of mobile developers utilize cross-platform technologies or frameworks, while the remainder relies on native tools.

The more apps your team can create in a given period of time, the more money you may make as an app development agency.

If you’re not an agency and just want to create an app for your company, the sooner you finish it and launch it, the sooner you can start generating money.

  • Code Frames — Every warning and error now includes a coding frame that exposes the log’s source code directly in the app, allowing you to quickly diagnose the problem.
  • Component Stacks — All component stacks are now maintained in their own area, with only relevant information and no error messages.
  • Stack Frame Collapsing — All stack frames that aren’t related to your program will be collapsed, allowing you to quickly locate the problem.

Frameworks make work go faster

Why were frameworks created when programming languages can produce exceptionally high-quality software?

Frameworks were created primarily to boost developer productivity and make the development process more efficient. Because React Native is a framework, it considerably speeds up and simplifies the creation of mobile apps.

When it comes to picking a code editor, React Native provides you a lot of options. When you have the option to choose any code editor, you can easily begin working with one that improves developer productivity.

Sharing of code

Developer productivity is substantially increased when code is shared.

React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that enables you to create apps for both Android and iOS. This cross-platform solution allows you to reuse the majority of your code to create apps for several platforms.

When opposed to native development, when two apps for two platforms are built independently, React Native developers can generate two apps for two different operating systems such as Android and iOS in roughly half the time.

App store approval

What’s the point of creating an app that doesn’t get approved in the app store? All of your efforts will be for naught if iTunes or Google Play Store refuses to allow your iPhone/Android app in their respective app stores. React Native Development Company, on the other hand, poses no such danger, ensuring that your developers’ work is always useable. 

Instead of going through the time-consuming app approval procedure, you may host the bundle of app files on your own server using react native app building process. You may also update your app using dispersed means whenever you wish. React Native Android/iOS apps make it simple to make over-the-air upgrades.

Hot reloading

React Native’s Hot Reloading is a fantastic feature that provides you a wonderful experience. It saves you time by allowing you to refresh your app immediately.

When a developer makes a change to the code, they usually recompile it to check how the change affects/improves the program. Depending on the scale of the project, this react native app building process is done hundreds or thousands of times.

You no longer have to waste time recompiling the code thanks to React Native. The Hot Reloading function reloads your app in real-time, allowing you to view how it looks after each code change.

Building Blocks and Reusable Code

For mobile react native app development company, the React Native Library provides a large number of ready-to-use components. This open-source library provides everything that is required for app development and is commonly used. You may also reuse your own code across different projects or modules. Reusability boosts developer productivity by decreasing the amount of time it takes to create a mobile app. For example, a developer may reuse existing components and add more code as needed to create a simple CRUD application. Additionally, developers might utilize the code from a pre-built module.

Cross-platform development in a hurry

This technology allows developers to create native apps. React Native helps you to put in less work and simply deploy both Android and iOS apps by speeding up the development process with its reusable cross-platform features. It’s because switching your app’s deployment platform just requires altering about 20% of the code. Because the majority of the code is reusable, it may be used as-is. It not only accelerates the development process, but it also lowers the cost of development. React native is a cost-effective option for startups, businesses, and any other sort of business because of this.

Ease of Learning

React Native is a JavaScript framework at its core that is recommended by a mobile app development company. You may get started building React Native mobile apps if you have the necessary JavaScript skills. It simply implies that educating your React Native Development Company’s personnel isn’t difficult. The learning curve for developers is easy and quick. It’s possible that you’ll have new developers or experienced devs switching development languages. For all of them, React Native is just too simple to utilize. Companies benefit from faster learning since it increases team productivity and reduces app development time.


When compared with projected time-to-market for launching a traditional Android or iOS app, React Native apps are efficient and must around half the time.

Updates can make, code reusability is high, and high-quality solutions can develop without putting in a lot of effort. Trendy animations, UI/UX techniques, and other front-end components may all implement fast.

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