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How Precaution With Piggyback Forklift Be Taken In Rain?

The rainy season is the most dangerous of all-weather because everything gets wet and can damage the area and equipment especially the Piggyback Forklift. So important that extreme precautions have to be taken.

Problems During Rainy Season

The main problems that happen with the forklift during the rainy season are suffered by the drivers and operators. As the temperature lowers down it affected the negatively on the forklift.

Battery Dies Out Of Cold

The drop in temperature is very dangerous for the forklift because it affects the battery. As the forklift has to overwork so the battery heats up quickly and can die out.

Decrease In Pressure Of Tire

It happens that businesses avoid operating the forklift and especially electric Piggyback Forklift; so this non-operation period means that the pressure in the tire will decrease also because of the lower in temperature.

Rain Water And Fog On Windshield

It is quite obvious that rain brings a lot of water on the outer side of the windshield and the inside fog can cloud the vision of the driver.

Warning Lights And Wipers Fail

The above problems can be solved with wipers and anti-fogging devices. But when they are not working then the issues for the driver can increase. They can blur the view moving forward impossible.

Piggyback Forklift Fluids Becomes Heavy

Just as water starts to freeze when the temperature drops during the rainy season; the other liquids in the forklift will start to become thick and heavy.

Slipping Of Forklift On Wet Surfaces

When you receive your forklift from dealers like Truck Forklifts; you will get instructions on how to operate the vehicle especially during the season. You have to watch out for the slippery road.

What Precautions Should Be Taken?

First, you have to note that you can avoid operating the forklift in the rainy season. But sometimes circumstances occur when the operation is unavoidable. So you can follow these tips to make sure that the operation is safe.

Checking Weather Conditions

The initial point to focus on safety precautions during the rainy season is to check the weather condition every day and especially on the day when you have to operate outside.

Will Operating Forklift Be Safe?

This a question that has to be asked when operating the electric forklift because the water can damage or short circuit the whole vehicle.

Availability Of Light

During rainy weather, clouds cover the sky and the availability of light can reduce. So drivers should check the headlights before going to work.

Ensure Surface Of Path Is Dry

If it is possible wait for the rain to stop and let the path dry completely. This will prevent the Piggyback Forklift from slipping and causing accidents.

Protective Gear For Forklift

To make the forklift safe in the rain when it is parked outside; you have to cover the vehicle properly with PVC covering the entire forklift.

Safety Equipment For Forklift Operators

Not only the forklift but also the operators and supervisor should be wearing protective equipment.

Driving Slowly Is Vital

Piggyback Forklift has to be driven slow when it is loaded with goods and this driving slow must be especially focused when doing work after a rainy day.

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