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How Much Time Do You Spend With Your PRINCE2 Management Team?

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Hence, I am writing this to discuss the subject of project management and how it applies to my exploring attitude. I guess there are a lot of big questions that may come up during the process, but some can be answered by simple math problem.

If you spend 1 hour at your machine 10 times to make one product or service, then in 10 years, you will come into 10 million dollars.  Simple stuff now.

Therefore, “if you could pay a college professor $100 for each hour of project management time, it would be worth the investment” – but Unfortunately, if that professor can take you 5 years to pay the $100, he gives you $500.00

Do you want to spend $10,000 or $2,000.00?   The $10 is great in a bad economy.  If you are a manager or a business owner, just imagine, 10 years later, you have employee turnover when the economy was pretty bad too.  In that case, I n genuinely happy reaching “isevery” up to the company’s expectation.

But before you spend a penny, let me ask you this; “How much time do you spend with your management team?”  Do you find yourself asking them “Why isn’t my job doing all the talking?”  Or are you asking yourself “Why is everyone talking about the company?  I mean its planning meetings that include coffee- breaks and lunch-gisms, not to mention the corporate bickering and all the higher- management bickering at the Board meetings?  What’s more, did you ever notice that you never get anything done?”

So, things are looking up and the economy is getting better, and you are getting several promotions and pay raises.  Well, you are having a lot of fun with your management team?  Are you getting wrong impressions from the corporate meetings either Regulatory Meetings, or Functional Meetings?  One of my former colleagues has been wondering the same thing, a while.  He is having a meeting with his management team usually about the future of the company.  However, he is generally surprised to announce, after the meeting, that at the end of his meeting, the same people are still addressing the concerns from his perspective.

The reason?  Because they’ve missed his situation very badly.  They are addressing stuff that they worked on during the last meeting, or they are having no plans to look at such things till they’re in the next meeting.  They are also putting off the inevitable issues that they are supposed to address.  And worse one, they keep going into a discussion about their personal or family matters, ie: goal setting while they work on achieving the organizational targets for the current year.   This is a cop-out. And it is the root cause of a lot of very good people not fulfilling their responsibilities, as they should.  Would that not explain the overall picture?

So let me ask you another question: what type of people are your managers? Are they trustworthy?  Or nobody can be 100% trusted under any of circumstances.  Can people trust your management team?  If they don’t, they will always work under the belief that you are ordering them to work on the various tasks, while ignoring their personal, “how” THEIR job is to implement the work.  No wonder they sign you up for that coffee break.

On the other hand, how do you want to have your teams to perceive you as a manager?  Do you want their best personal relationship?  Or do they only associate your personality with yours management style?  A lot of managers actually want people to view them as highly efficient, busy people, while they are too over- worked to actually do the various tasks.

In my opinion, you should be in pole position dictating how you manage your team and stop letting the management team just do what you want them the way you want them.  Remember, your team are in the ” Manager’s suite.”  They hear from you, and their hears from your team.  If you remind your management team that you are a team and you are the company ears, they will utilize that objective to get their input, you should expect to be ” Listening Everyone” to work for you in the same concern.

Simply put, if you are not listening to your employees, they are probably not respecting your authority.

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