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How Much Does iPhone Screen Repair Cost?

The iPhone screen has no special guard that can protect it against accidental damages. If the device slips from your hand and hits the ground, a spider-web pattern might appear on the screen. When that happens, it might become difficult for you to swipe across the screen or enjoy your favourite shows and movies. And, to continue using your iPhone without injuring your finger, you will have to get the cracked screen replaced. As Apple’s limited warranty does not cover accidental damages, you can contact a reliable and safe third-party centre for replacement service. You might now be wondering, “How much does iPhone screen repair cost?” Well, it costs less than buying a new device, but not as less as getting the broken glass of your wall clock replaced.

Apple-designed devices are premium products and are expensive. Hence, their repair costs are high as well. If you have decided to take the help of a third-party iPhone service centre to get the screen replaced, you should first compare the repair costs of a few centres before contacting one. One centre’s screen repair fee might be more than another centre due to a range of factors. Let’s take a look at three such factors.

High Cost of Genuine Parts

For a perfect iPhone repair job, genuine parts are a must. And, these replacement components are more expensive compared to substandard, duplicate parts. It is because Apple monitors the manufacture of genuine parts, and manufacturers have to follow the highest quality standards. And, you have to pay more to enjoy the benefits offered by genuine parts. Some centres might try to convince you that a duplicate screen is as good as a genuine one. It is better to avoid such centres. The use of substandard parts may lower the iPhone screen repair cost, but it will affect the performance of your Apple device.

Experienced and Well-Trained Technicians 

You cannot expect quality iPhone screen repair from a centre that does not have a team of experienced and well-trained technicians. And the centre has to pay them a hefty salary so that they continue working for the centre. Also, it has to invest in their training. All these increase the repair cost. You will have to pay more if you want experienced and well-trained technicians to handle your device. You have the option of taking the help of technicians who have recently started fixing Apple devices, but they offer no guarantee that they will do a quality job and not further damage your iPhone.

Additional Damages

When your device lands on the ground, other components inside it might get damaged as well; not just the screen. If that is the case, the repair cost will obviously increase as other parts have to be fixed along with the screen.


You should not hand over your device to a service centre without finding out its iPhone screen repair cost. Most reputable centres inform you about the damages and the total repair cost and begin the repair process only after you have agreed to it. You must ask for a breakdown of the estimated total cost.

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