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How Long Will A Carpet Take to Dry?

As if it wasn’t hard enough to wash the carpet, now you have to wait for it to dry, before you can enjoy it again. We understand what it’s like. How long does it usually take a carpet to dry up?

The drying time usually falls between 4 hours and 24 hours. There is no actual time frame because there are just so many factors that affect it such as carpet size and thickness. There’s the method of cleaning, the airflow of the room, and even the sakarya escort bayan
materials used to clean the carpet. At least those are all factors you can control, but the weather and general temperature also contribute to how long it’ll take for a carpet to dry. However, it takes longer to dry in cold weather.

It could also depend on the type of vacuum used to clean the carpet. Some are more powerful than others and will give you a different drying time. Also, don’t bother to look up how long it would take to dry using a specific type of vacuum, not unless you’ve taken into account other factors, such as the carpet type, size of the room, and more.

After Professional Cleaning, For Bow Long Will A Carpet Dry?

Conventionally, carpets are cleaned using a mixture of purposed chemicals and hot water. This method is now obsolete, as it comes with a lot of setbacks, and could even cause damage to your carpet.
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These methods are often wrongfully called Steam Cleaning, and they could bring about some disappointing results, such as:

  • Shrinkage or pulling away of the carpet fibres
  • Sticky residue all over the carpet
  • Unpalatable odours from the wrongful mix of chemicals
  • The carpet stays wet for days

Here at Ryan Carpet Cleaning, we practice none of these outdated methods. We make use of our specially made ‘Dry Touch System’s, to clean carpets. It’s designed to attract, collect and remove any dirt in the carpet. It then dries up and forms a crystallised mixture of detergent and dirt, which our cleaning professionals then vacuum away.

This way, you don’t have to go through the tiresome steam cleaning method, or wait long hours before your carpet finally dries!

Should the Carpet Remain Wet Long After Cleaning?

It’s simple, the more cleaning solution you use, the sakarya escort
wetter you make your carpet and the longer it would take to dry. This causes we do not make use of such solutions. Many other carpet cleaners unfortunately still do, and it always gives poor results. Continuous use of this method, wetting your carpet, can lead to the formation of mould and terrible odours.

To prevent this, here are a few tricks you can practice to clean and dry carpets faster:

  • Make Use of Dry Shampoo for Your CarpetsThis can effectively replace the hot water solution method, once you’re able to do it right. It is also very easy to apply. Just take the dry shampoo and sprinkle it all over the carpet. You can leave it to sit in overnight if you want, but not less than two hours.
  • Dry Using A Heater or FanYou can dry a carpet faster by applying heat and getting out all the moisture possible. Perhaps it’s a cold day in London, then you should raise the heater inside. This will increase the room temperature, and you can get it high enough to dry the carpet perfectly.Alternatively, you can make use of a dehumidifier. This will help to get out the excess moisture from the room.

When Can I Get My Furniture Back In?

If you notice that your carpet is not yet dry after several hours, it can be disturbing. At this moment you probably feel like you’ve waited too long, but is it long enough for you to put your furniture back on your carpet? It would be wise to wait until you are sure the carpet is 100% dried, before bringing in any furniture. If you decide to bring them in while the carpet is still wet, it could lead to the growth of mould shortly after.

The typical waiting period for wet furniture is a whole day. Any time sooner, and you risk causing permanent damage to your carpet.

If you desire a faster cleaning service for your carpet, you are highly recommended to try out our special cleaning and drying technique at Ryan Carpet Cleaning. This method can be applied completely without soaking the carpet, and it cuts down on the wait time.

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