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How Do I Get Free Video Ads on Social Media?

Video advertising has been a force to reckon with in the digital world as it gets more attention and conversion than text and images. Moreover, research has it that eye-catching video ads get more views, tags, and comments than text and static images. You can learn more here.

Video ads are noticed faster on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a video creator, video ads with highly engaging, beautifully customized, and super sharable content are among the best ways to increase your brand recognition and convert your viewers and customers into your biggest fans.

Notably, creating video ads is a constant process that requires specific abilities from the video creator. So, how do you begin?

A step-by-step guide for creating a video ad

1.      Setting Up Equipment

Creating a great video does not require all of the elaborate equipment. What is most vital is that you sound realistic and that viewers understand you. One of the things to set up is the background of the video. An excellent but non-distracting background is necessary.

Regardless of good background, your video will look questionable if you do not have a great appearance. The secret to great impression is not only in the clothing selection but in the lightning. Meanwhile, professional lightning equipment is unnecessary. Light from the living room and lamps can be used, and non-intense sun rays.

Furthermore, if you don’t have a camera, you can use your phone to record video. Using your phone to record the video depends on the graphics quality of your phone. Making a video of the highest quality requires investing in a camera.

2.      Mastering the Script Presentation

Next, you should practice your script to sound smooth in your presentation. But how do you practice your script if you don’t have one? If you’re without a script and you’ll be creating the script by yourself, then you’ve got to focus on the following things.

You should focus on capturing your viewer’s attention, grabbing their desire, persuading them, and finally, calling them to action. People have short attention spans such that the video ad must stay interesting throughout its duration. The video shouldn’t be too long. A video ad of a minute is enough to capture an audience.

Practicing the script is vital because presenting the script for the first time on-camera can give a mechanical feel. Practice makes you familiar with the script and enhances a natural and relaxed presentation.

3.      Recording the Video

Following practicing, collaborating depicts collaboration in the presentation; recording a video is next. Admittedly, this can be the most tasking part. Remember that as you make more videos, you’ll improve. Other things to take note of while making videos are that:

  • You should not work too hard to make your video perfect. People are more attracted to the information you’re passing above other things. Some of the all-time prominent video ads have mistakes within them.
  • While recording, speak to the camera as to your best friend. When people talk with their friends, there is such connection and absence of anxiety that ensures effective communication.
  • You don’t have to record your video ad at once. Video editing software can help you merge as many pieces of your video ad into one piece. As such, instead of focusing on getting the entire presentation correctly, focus on getting two or three sentences per time.
  • You can record the video ad from more than one angle.

4.      Video Editing

Editing your video remains the next step to take after recording your video. With video editing, you can give better effects to your video. You can show the buttons to click on in your call to action. Applications for editing videos on Mac may not be the same for Windows. While Camtasia is beneficial for both Mac and windows, iMovie and ScreenFlow work for Mac only.

You can input a touch of your brand in the video by putting your logo and website link at the lower part of the video. You can also input the different recording angles at various intervals to help keep the video attention-catching. Zooming in and out is another trick that’ll work.

Attaching the right music to the video gives a desired level of energy. The song should be low enough to hear the presentation well. Ensure the song is allowed for commercial utilization before seaming it with your video.

5.      Create a thumbnail

You may ask why you have to create a thumbnail. Depending on the platforms in which you’ll use your video ad, the video ad display depends on the platform settings. For instance, some video ads won’t play unless the viewer clicks a button. In this regard, the thumbnail is to depict what your video ad entails.

You can create a thumbnail using a picture taken during your recording session. The thumbnail is not only made up of an image. The thumbnail has texts that give quick insight into the content of the video ad. With the right thumbnail, viewers get attracted to your video ad.

To add texts, decorations, and other features to your video ad, you can make use of Canva. The next step is to upload your video and run it as an ad on your desired platform.


The above step-by-step guide is all you need to create your video ad. Note that you can use your video ads in various ways depending on the platform for advertisement. Finally, improve your video-making skills by making more videos and working on the feedback of your video ad viewers.

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