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How can your newborn get a UAE residence visa?

Obtain Visa for Newborn Baby in Dubai, UAE

Did you ever think about the whole process and things when it comes time to bring a new family member into your home? Birth registration is crucial in many situations.From the start, you will be asked for the marriage certificate, copy of passport, plus residence visa in the original or copy to get started with the maternity file. The next thing is to review with your medical insurer if this includes maternity.

Organizing everything from toys to clothes, shampoo, use diapers, and vaccination reports can be complex. This blog will assist you to arrange all the records from birth registration to the child’s residence visa and the attestation procedures for the certificate.

This article includes a complete guide on obtaining visa for newborn baby in Dubai/ birth registration, the attestation process steps, and important points to consider.

Steps to obtain the baby’s birth certificate/birth registration:

Following discharge from the maternity division, all hospitals issue a Birth Notification.
Birth Notice, Parents’ Passport, and Residence Permit, both Original and the Copy Go to the Preventive Medicine Department at the hospital.

Fill the request form and after contributing 50 AED you will get the Arabic birth certificate( Arabic version).
Transcribe it into English to obtain a visa.

Inquire a version into English to obtain the English Birth Certificate of the same.
An Arabic variant of the birth certificate is required for the UAE visa process. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs should certify the birth certificate in English and Arabic editions.

How to obtain Birth Certificate Attestation

How to obtain birth Certificate Attestation? and why you need birth certificate attestation.Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE is necessary to obtain a resident visa if your baby is born in the UAE. The attested certificate confirms the authenticity of your certificate. The birth certificate needs to be verified with the endorsed stamp and the sign of the issuing jurisdiction in the UAE.

The birth certificate can be certified/attested or apostilled according to your requirement and the country rules that are issued.In UAE you need to obtain an attested certificate as the apostilled edition is not sufficient.
Before picking any attestation service provider you should take them carefully as the birth certificate is a very valuable certificate for any person for the rest of their life. There are some well-known professionals providing attestation services in UAE safely and securely.

Documents to be presented for Birth certificate attestation:

  • The original birth certificate (issued by the jurisdictions in the name of the certificate owner)
  • Passport copies of the parents (copies of both parents)

Procedure for Attestation of Birth Certificate :

The country where the certificate is certified includes the certification of several government departments rather than the country of origin. It works like this.

  • The notary public inspection is required first.
  • Certification of foreign and foreign affairs of the motherland.
  • Certification from the Embassy of the motherland.
  • Document Certification of the Ministry of External Affairs to be used.

Request for the passport (for baby):

For passport verification at the concerned embassy along with an attested birth document and passport size photos of the baby.

Now you possess the legal documents of the baby to move. To stay in the UAE, you want to apply for a baby residence visa.

Note: If you apply for a residency visa for a newborn within 20 days of birth, unless you will be charged 25 AED per day for the subsequent 180 days. Still missing to apply for a visa will double the fine to AED 50 per day.

Steps to get a newborn visa for baby:

The UAE government offers employees online and offline visa processing selections.
Offline visa requests can be obtained through authorized typing centers that process the visa application through the General Directorate of Residency, Foreigners Affairs in the respective emirates. At each stage, the sponsor has the option to receive a message notification after approval.

The Dubai government has specified that every visa processing application must be processed through Amer Centers. This is for Dubai residents particularly. These requests can be traced online or offline through the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Step 1: Present your child’s visa request through Typing Centers or Amer Centers [ for Dubai].
Step 2: Next the application form, the original passport of the child, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and 3 passport size photos need to be presented to the Residence Division of the Directorate General of Residency and Foreign Affairs.
Step 3: You can decide whether to receive the baby’s passport with a visa via courier or stamp it on the scene for an extra fee.

Note: The new baby cannot leave the country while the residency visa is in the process if there are any intentions to move. In other cases wherever children go with others alternatively of their parents, a certificate of objection is not needed.


  • Regular – Dh460 (Will receive a passport with a stamped visa within three or four working days duration)
  • Urgent – Dh560 (stamping in the same day, just need to go to sponsor immigration service)

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