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Web Development

How Both AI And Big Data Are Transforming The User Experience?

Read a detail guide on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are transforming the UI/UX of the sites.

In the current digital scenario where the users are so habitual of getting the information at a single click on their smartphones, it has become extremely irrelevant to stick to the traditional ways of running a business. Hence, most businesses have addressed the competitive nature of the market and evolved themselves by adopting the latest technologies to remain persistent in the long run. Therefore, with the expansion of technologies, the participation of customer’s services care has also evolved to grow higher in the market This is the reason why more and more businesses are making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data analytics to interact efficiently with their users. 

These technologies help organizations to upscale their intelligence level and decision-making process that helps them to accept the latest technology trends and effectively cater to their clients. By the end of 2020, nearly 85% of the customer’s communication has been taken over by such technologies that don’t require human beings to operate. This is because customers’ expectations and experience are evolving day by day becoming the most important aspect in today’s digital world. Also, there’s complexity in the different ways of the client’s experience including billing, online help surveys, technical support, and different types of payment solutions and surveys as well cause of the rapid increase in the data. 

Therefore, to handle such complex data, technologies like big data and artificial intelligence are being adopted massively. This is the reason why the call center industry is shifting towards automatic technologies for growth and better customer experience. Hence, technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are necessary to be incorporated as it majorly determines the development of customer experience. However, you can make the entire process way easier by collaborating with a website design and development companyHowever, there are some ways to control big data and artificial intelligence that can help you transform the customer experience. Let us have a deeper dive to understand it in more detail. 

Know-How Both AI And Big Data Are Transforming The User Experience?

Predictive Customization

Predictive customization is when you predict your customers’ questions and queries on the basis of their past behaviors. This helps in giving increasingly better and best quality user experience to the customers day by day. With the help of this, businesses can make products that make the customers feel like they are custom made for them. These kinds of practices are generally tested in the domain of online shopping where customers are given the option to give reviews through online sessions which helps in understanding the customers’ behavior. Various things are involved in this process including sampling the time when the purchases and searchers are made and also the reference taken from different websites. This enables you to keep a strict eye on the customer’s behavior which directly helps you to make and deliver the correct product within the given time frame.

AI-authorized Analytics for Vital Customer Perception

This plays a crucial role in feed the required information into the CRM, marketing automation, and other such operational tools that make it sufficient enough for handling customers’ queries without having to assign it to a human being. As a result, this makes the decision-making process a lot easier for both employees and customers. However, there are tools that facilitate customers’ analysis by helping them to find out about what their customers are looking for and respond accordingly in a specific timeframe. Tools like machine learning, text analysis, and face identification software are majorly used by businesses as it provides business opportunities a lot easier.

User Experience and Engagement

Most importantly, all the engagements of visual, voice, and text largely indicate the feelings and emotions in various different ways of communication. Additionally, it also includes face to face analysis and video chat interactions. This process makes use of biometrics that are present in the vocal cords and modulations in the calls which are intentionally used to understand the needs and feelings of the client. Moreover, by using AI-based algorithms, companies are able to trace the communication and identify the satisfaction level that helps them in gaining relatively more profit. Also because of this, companies are able to deliver the correct emotions leading to rising in the valuation of the customers. 


Artificial intelligence has the potential in the near future considering its rapidly increasing demand from the call centers industry and so is the demand for big data. Hence, these two technologies are at the forefront of the technological scene improving the customer experience for the users of different industries. However, it takes a proper dataset and regularly checked algorithms to ensure its effectiveness. Additionally, for the desired experience, these technologies are the key solution for linking clients’ data to facilitate sophisticated journey analysis.

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