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Health Benefits of Sex for Men and Women Both

Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities a human being is gifted with. As a human, it is a vital part of existence as it ensures a relaxed mind and body. For married couples, the benefits of sex enhance intimacy, bonding, and emotional connection. From both mental and physical points of view, being in a session with the partner showers a lot of benefits on us. Let us study some of these benefits of sex.

Benefits of sex make yourself happy

In addition to earth-shattering orgasm, which itself gives you immense pleasure, your body is flushed with oxytocin, a stress-reducing hormone. The hormone is produced within minutes after orgasm.

One of the benefits of sex is that It lifts your mood, brings partners closer, and you get immense relaxation in body and mind.

According to one California study on benefits of sex males not spending time with their partner after orgasm miss a great deal. Not cuddling leaves your partner without the most enjoyable part of sex. Caress her, rub her back, kiss her, and just embrace her tightly for a few minutes means that her desire for you only increases. The oxytocin rushes into her body after orgasm when you cuddle her.


Cut down the risk of ED

Finland’s study on males above 50 years of age as a part of benefits of sex found that males with more than three times of sex in a week are half at the risk of erectile dysfunction than males who are less lucky. Erection is based on the principle of using it or losing it.  An erection brings blood and oxygen to your organ. The nerves need fresh blood to feel rejuvenated. Long absence from sex weakens the nerves reducing their ability to remain erect.


Sex is a stress buster

Sex is a stress buster

Sex is a natural stress buster as many happy hormones rush throughout your body during and after sex. Take benefits of sex on daily basis with intimate sessions with the partner to cut stress levels in just weeks.

Get a big boost to immunity

Get a big boost to immunity

Your body produces Immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody with frequent sex. It forms a strong immunity barrier to the common cold, and virus. Frequent sex cuts down the need for antibodies.

Keep libido intact

Waning libido is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction in males in mid-years of life. One reason is lack of sex or absence from sex for a long time. Regular sex boosts your desire for more, which keeps your libido intact. Benefits of sex not only cut the risk of dependence on sildenafil citrate 150mg doctors prescribe for erection weakness, but you also ensure that desire remains alive in you.

For women, benefits of sex mean increased lubrication of the vagina, increased blood flow to the vagina, and its elasticity. Benefits of sex also reduce pain during sex and enhance the desire for more sex.

Natural blood pressure medication

Natural blood pressure medication

An intense intimate session with the partner will see lower reading on the blood pressure numbers. So, keep the systolic number down with a healthy session with a lot of other benefits of sex. It must be mentioned here the blood pressure problem often leads to erection difficulties in some males. So, with one session with the partner to take benefits of sex, you are reducing both blood pressure risk and erection weakness.

Great rewarding exercise in mid-years

Great rewarding exercise in mid- years

After a hard workday, you may not like to directly hit the gym, but after a relaxing sleep, what about a great intimate session in the early morning in bed. Intense physical activity like sex burns calories, yes at least 5 calories per minute. And as one of the benefits of sex, you exercise the entire body lower back upwards.

The love making process ramps up your heart rate involves lungs in the deep breathing without your acknowledgement. The benefits of sex are equal to an aerobic exercise session.  


Make heart strong

Make heart strong

Not only physical action in intimate sessions improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart, but it also makes the heart healthier. Your increase levels of testosterone high with every session with the partner. Studies on benefits of sex have also shown that a man is less likely to die from a heart attack you have sex thrice a week.


Cut down prostate cancer risk

Cut down prostate cancer risk

Prostate cancer is a health risk in males above 50 and 60. The prostate issue also hampers the sex life in later years of life. Some medical experts on the benefits of sex are of the view that by regular sex and discharge of semen, you clean the prostate gland and reduces the risk of prostate cancer. The more ejaculations per month, the better for your prostate health.

Sleep soundly after sex

Sleep soundly after sex

The physical exhaustion, orgasm, and the release of hormone prolactin guarantee sound sleep. Prolactin is a natural aid to relaxing sleep. It leads to sleepiness and deep relaxation-inducing you to a sound sleep. Then there are some emotional and psychological benefits to both the partners

Improved self-image

Improved self- image

Feeling of being loved and capable of loving and satisfying the partner boosts self-image. Benefits of sex boost self-perception and enhance your image of a man who is capable of handling manly duties.

Greater intimacy

Greater intimacy

The body releases endorphins when it is being loved or is in sex. This hormone cuts depression and improves the emotional aspect of life. The bonding between couples increase after sex when a hormone connects


Benefits of sex for women

Benefits of sex for women

Women also reap the same benefits of sex in addition to reducing pain and more lubrication. In addition to the already mentioned, there are few other benefits of sex, which especially help a lady.

Strong pelvic floor muscles

Pelvic floor muscles control urine flow in a woman. Age and pregnancy make pelvic floor muscles weak. A rocking session with the partner puts pelvic muscles to work much better than what these muscles might get from pelvic muscles.  

Keep Cognitive functions intact

Women with a healthy sex life retain their cognitive function throughout their life than women without active sex life in old age. Researchers on benefits of sex found that physically active ladies with active sex life scored better on various tasks like recalling words than women without an active sex life.

Long-lasting relationship

Long- lasting relationship

Satisfying sex for both the partner is an essential ingredient for a long-lasting relationship. One sex session infuses happy feeling in both partners that last up to 48 hours, according to a study report published in a psychological science journal on benefits of sex. One twice or thrice a week session is enough to get all the benefits of sex.

Lessen pain

Lessen pain

Orgasm works to block pain in women as many have testified that even stimulation of the vagina helps.  The stimulation of the genital area during sex reduces chronic back pain, leg pain, menstrual cramps, arthritic pain and headache. In addition to all these benefits of sex, vaginal lubrication means more craving for the same experience as one of the strongest benefits of sex…


Sex benefits come only with the consensual act

Paid sex will not give you all these benefits of sex aforementioned. The reason is not far to seek. There is no emotional attachment. The closeness, bond, and chemistry is missing in these encounters. Why not take advantage of the new law in the state of Virginia.  You can have consensual sex in Virginia State in the United States without fear of any punishment. Last year, the state of Virginia, repealed the fornication law. Now the state is for lovers.

Californians bans sex in public or be careful of public places. A public place does not mean that you are making love in front of the public. Public places are places that are not your home, private office or your room in a hotel. So be aware of these laws if you happen to be in these states in the United States.

Many former sex workers in the state of Chicago are offering online talk and services to entertain you. It helps to get second-hand pleasure as benefit of sex than risk the life in a pandemic, when you do not your hired partner may be carrying the infection.

Boost benefits of sex with a healthy lifestyle

Boost benefits of sex with a healthy lifestyle

You need energy, libido, high testosterone levels, and enough desire to get engaged in the immense pleasurable activity. How do you ensure that? You need to take a healthy balanced diet. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds need to be part of your balanced diet. Increase consumption of fruits such as berries, pomegranate juice, citrus fruits, avocado, dry fruits, Brazilian nuts, and walnuts to get a smooth blood circulation.

Males on tadalafil 60mg prescribed by doctors for erectile dysfunction can cut their dependence on diet and exercises.  Participate together in various exercises and physical activities for bonding that makes sex great. Consume oysters, fish for omega 3 fatty acids, spinach, almonds, and strawberries to create desire in you for the opposite sex.

Vitamin B complex diet gives you sexual energy, increases libido, testosterone, and tones nerves.  Aerobic exercises, or just walking regularly keeps you fit and reduces the lethargy which impacts your intimate life. A healthier and fitter body helps you get more benefits from sex.


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Benefits from sex are well established by various studies and psychological assessments. However, all these benefits come from an intimate session with a partner who is also emotionally close to you. The intensity of the moment increases when you care and share each other’s feelings during the close moments. And keep in mind benefits of sex make it easy for you to go again to the session with new energy and vigor.


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