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Have You Ever Heard Of PRP Treatment For Hair Loss?

Generally, people have heard of different hair transplant surgeries and over-the-counter products used for hair loss cure. These hair treatments have proven to be successful in treating hair loss, but there is one more hair treatment that is used worldwide as a remedy to treat hair thinning, known as PRP hair treatment.

How is PRP treatment for hair loss performed?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a component of our blood which is enriched in growth characteristics and is largely advantageous. PRP treatment is a latest hair restoration method used these days it is gaining popularity among successful hair restoration treatments. It is also offered in third world countries. You can check PRP hair treatment cost in Pakistan online.

The treatment is carried out following these steps:

  • Blood is drawn from your arm by a skillful technician
  • It is then set into the centrifuge machine, which is then circulated separating the components of blood
  • After that, the blood will have three portions of its components (RBC, platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma)
  • The platelet-rich plasma is then filled into a syringe which is then injected into the scalp on required areas

PRP is a non-invasive hair treatment. Keep following to get more information about this treatment.

Side effects

PRP for hair loss side effects will be discussed now. As the treatment is carried out using syringes, you are at a lower risk of getting a contagious disease. The involvement of needles saves you from incisions and stitches like hair transplant surgery. There is no harmful side effect of this treatment but everybody reacts in a different way to the same treatment, so the most possible side effects include:

  • Nerve or tissue injury
  • Infection
  • Coagulation at injected spots

Success Rate

PRP treatment success rate has been 70℅ for patients. After the discharge, patients are expected to see initial results soon as platelets help the cells in the scalp to rejuvenate. Mostly, three to four sessions are required to get the desired look, however, a single session also makes a huge difference.

Who can get the treatment?

PRP treatment 2021 is good for anyone who has a hair thinning problem unless he is:

  • Using blood thinners
  • Smoker
  • Using drugs or having a drug history
  • Having cancer
  • Having infection
  • Having low platelet
  • Having thyroid disease
  • Having a skin problem or disease

If you’re suffering from the above-mentioned problems or any other serious illness you might be rejected for the treatment, and not accepted as a good candidate for the procedure.

Does PRP work for hair loss?

Yes, PRP hair treatment 2021 works effectively for hair loss. The effectiveness of the procedure relies on the level of platelets found in your blood. A higher level of plasma means positive performance and wonderful outcomes.

Is PRP treatment expensive?

PRP hair treatment is not very expensive as compared to hair transplant procedures. PRP hair treatment cost in Pakistan is PKR 10,000-20,000. This is not the final price, as it changes depending on various factors, e.g. which doctor is performing the therapy, material used, quality of equipment, etc.

Is PRP treatment painful?

PRP treatment can be painful as it involves needles, though, the use of local anesthesia lessens the pain and the procedure is completed with minimum discomfort. After the procedure, the pain might stay for 2-3 days but during this period pain relief pills are the best friends of a patient.

Is PRP treatment permanent?

A PRP treatment is not permanent. Although it produces effective results, it is not a one-time treatment. PRP hair treatment reviews show that after the treatment, six months are required for apparent results. According to the needs and hair loss conditions of every patient, follow-up sessions are planned to make the results of PRP treatment consistent.

Never consider PRP for hair loss near me, because it saves your time and is affordable. But always opt the clinic for hair therapy that is well-reputed and is guaranteed to produce remarkable aftermaths.

PRP for hair loss before and after results are available in hair care centers, ask your doctor to show you so that you get an idea of how effective the treatment is. Always investigate well before you conclude that you need treatment. However, PRP treatment is proved effective and it helps to strengthen the hair follicles and boosts hair growth.

You can have your sessions in one of the best PRP hair treatment clinic in Islamabad in reasonable cost. You just have to search online and contact some of the top hair transplant clinics in your target country. According to feedback from various people who visited other countries for hair treatment has much better experience. Because the clinics know that they will get a reputation boost if even one foreign client goes happy after their service. So, they try their best to deliver the best service to foreign clients. In return they ask for a video testimonial as well which help them boost their reputation online.

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