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Getting The Most Out of Your Management Software

Getting The Most Out of Your Management Software

Is your management software meeting your needs?  Are there features you’d like to have that is lacking from your software? Is your software well tested with the available test plans?

We often get requests from our customers for a feature that is already present in CMTS for Windows.  For instance, in CMTS, it is quite easy to export data into an Excel spreadsheet. This feature has been available in CMTS for quite a few years.  Customers sometimes call to suggest this feature and are often surprised to learn it can be done in 3 or 4 mouse clicks.

If your management software lacks a feature give us a call.  If you are using CMTS for Windows, you might be surprised to learn that feature is already present.

Office Management software has always benefited people in one way or the other. It is highly recommended for people to consider using the right tool because it helps them to find quicker results without affecting the performance. Most of the current day professionals prefer using both residential and commercial environments because it helps them to save a lot of time on a regular basis.

What Makes CMTS Special?

  1. Experience – IBM developed the original Management Software in 1988. After extensive testing, we started marketing it in 1990. We are one of the oldest companies in the software industry,
  2. Support – When you have a problem you receive support from someone that was part of the product development and has extensive knowledge of the product. Support is available by phone (where you talk to a live person) or by Email (where you receive a prompt reply).
  3. Ease of Use – CMTS is very easy to use. Many of our valued customers, especially our long time users, had never touched a computer until they purchased CMTS.
  4. Affordable – CMTS compares favorably to Management Software costing much more. Furthermore, it is modular so you can buy the modules you need and not have to buy the entire package.
  5. Flexible – CMTS is highly customizable to meet the diverse needs of different organizations.
  6. Comprehensive – CMTS modules are Membership, Donations, BookKeeping, Attendance, and Visitations. The BookKeeping offers an easy to use basic bookkeeping option or a fully-featured double entry fund accounting system depending on your needs and accounting background.


  1. Interface – Want to see your membership data, donation transactions or attendance records in a spreadsheet? Your data can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel. Open Office Calc and many other products. You can even convert your data to an industry-standard .csv file and develop your own applications or reports using 3rd party software.


Software or tools have gained a lot of attention to the current generation because of various reasons. It is a known fact that there are plenty of features, which have been given by modern technology that are not reaching the right people from time to time. It is widely suggested for people to consider exploring more than a couple of tools because it helps in solving various kinds of problems in an easy way.

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