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Getting Medical Help From A Private Doctor During this Pandemic

During this pandemic, most people are scared of visiting their private GP in London. So they remain home even when they feel unwell. This has prevented many persons from getting help for their health issues. But you will have safe and reliable medical care access with the right private GP service.

Why do you need a private GP?

You may likely need to see a private GP if you are not getting the care and support you need from the NHS service. It is important always to feel comfortable with your doctor, and during this COVID-19 pandemic. Most people do not feel comfortable seeing a GP.

When you let your health conditions linger without getting the right care, it may lead to severe health issues and complications. With a private GP practice with several experienced doctors and a limited number of patients, you would have a personal GP to contact whenever you feel unwell. This would help you build a strong relationship with the doctor. When you have a personal GP that has attended to you over the years, you would feel more confident to contact the doctor regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sometimes, the NHS services could be frustrating, making more people turn to private GP services for their health needs. The fact that you can schedule a private GP appointment London to see the same doctor at any time makes more people prefer to register with a private GP.

With the NHS, you hardly ever see the same doctor twice, and you may have to wait hours unending to see the doctor. The limited time you have with a doctor during a consultation with an NHS doctor is annoying for most people. With the NHS, getting an immediate medical intervention on the weekend is also very challenging. The

NHS is currently facing several issues like budgetary limitations, an aging and expanding population, less availability of treatments and medications. There is also a drastic reduction in established GPs and those willing to have a GP career. These problems have reduced the quality of services the NHS provides, making many people opt for private medical care.

For those tired of seeing different doctors, not been able to see a doctor outside clinic hours, not having a doctor to give you an urgent prescription or not being able to access medical care at home, you will find the following as better alternatives. Although private GPs are an upgrade to the kind of service you receive at the NHS, you may still have to wait for a few minutes or hours because most private GPs are full-time NHS doctors who try to squeeze out time for their private consultations.

You may not see these private doctors for out of hours medical advice, and it may be difficult to receive ongoing care through email, videos, or phone calls. Ensure you get a private GP service that would offer you same-day appointments even on weekends if the need arises. You should have a private GP who you can contact at any time for emergency medical needs.

Can the doctor visit me at home?

Some private GP services now provide online consultations in some cases and offer home services. This makes receiving medical care comfortable and discreet. The home service is usually effective for those with physical problems that require the GP to examine them before reaching an accurate diagnosis.

Even during the pandemic, you can receive medical care at home, but the GP would always wear the necessary PPE. Renowned private GP services are always available, even on weekends and nights, to offer emergency GP services.

Can I request a referral to a specialist?

You can always get a referral to a local consultant or specialist from your private GP. Most private GPs have direct contact with several specialists to handle different health conditions, so you may not have to be on a waitlist to see the specialist.

How much does it cost to see a private GP?

Most private GP services offer monthly membership to patients. The membership fee varies for individuals and couples, but on average the monthly membership fee for each person is about £80, while membership for a couple cost about £120.

This fee usually covers 24/7 medical advice and prescriptions, referrals, standard letters, home visits, and round-the-clock GP consultation.

During a virtual consultation, the medical advice may be limited because the doctor would not have your medical history or notes, so this service is not always suitable for patients with complex or chronic conditions requiring continued care. Ensure you do proper research before you opt for a service offering virtual GP consultations.

If you are tired of having to wait for long hours to see an NHS doctor and considering private GP services or you already have a private GP but not getting the services you need, get a reliable Private doctor London today at London GP Clinic. Contact us today on 020 70434318 to book an appointment with one of our renowned private GPs.

You can get all these private GP services and much more at the London GP Clinic. Contact us today on 020 70434318 to access quality GP services even during the pandemic.

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