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Get Amazing Experience of VIP Desert Safari Dubai

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

Get Amazing Experience of VIP Desert Safari Dubai

The VIP Desert Safari Dubai offers all the pleasures of a night in the city, minus the adventure-filled aspects of an overnight excursion. It’s a 4×4 evening desert safari on a luxury tour that takes you deep down into the dry, dusty heat of the desert under the night sky.

A well-appointed tour car picks you up in Dubai and delivers you to the airport, from where you board a yacht that sails out into the Arabian sea. You are met by a crew of fully-trained specialists, who explain the itinerary in detail. They also inform you what to expect and the food to eat. At the end of your trip, you will return to your hotel for a relaxing drink and some rejuvenating activities.

A two day stay on board the yacht is recommended but may be upgraded to include a night at the Red Sea. The Red Sea is known for its luxurious hotels, restaurants, casinos. For all these reasons, the Red Sea is considered one of the best destinations in the world to stay during your Desert Safari in Dubai. During the course of your trip, you can sample all that Dubai has to offer. The Red Sea is famous for its diving sites, but you will find a number of other activities that you can take part in during your stay here.

The VIP Desert Safari in Dubai takes off from Dubai and travels through the Indian Ocean to the Arabian Sea. There, you will sail along the Indian Ocean, past several coral islands and enjoy the stunning scenery as it meanders its way across the Arabian Sea.

On your trip to the Red dunes Desert Safari in Dubai, you will visit the Red Sea shores. You will also see some of the most amazing diving sites in the world, including the Red Sea Reef and the Red Sea Marine Park. These areas provide some excellent opportunities for diving, so the VIP Desert Safari in Dubai is a great opportunity to learn more about the underwater world.

On the last day of your trip to the Red dunes Desert Safari Dubai, you are taken out on to the night desert, where you and your entourage travel south, and discover many of the ancient ruins that have stood for centuries. You’ll be surprised to see how much the Red dunes have changed during the course of human history. The night safari provides an opportunity to sit back and relax in the midst of this landscape, surrounded by the dazzling lights of night. The sand dunes will be so close to the sea, that you may be able to see the sunrise and set from above, just a few hundred meters away.

Your Guide will take you on the journey of a lifetime, as he takes you through several exciting activities, such as trekking through the dunes and exploring the natural wonders of nature. The things to do in Desert Safari in Dubai include an exploration of wildlife and birdlife, such as seeing wild dogs, birds and cats and exploring caves and rock formations.

The most exciting things to do in Desert Safari in Dubai include a camel ride over the Red Sea, a trip into the desert and an exploration of the ruins of old temples. The itinerary will allow you to see the entire desert and experience the full majesty of this incredible landscape. A tour guide will show you the art of local cooking and cuisine, as well as how to handle animals and collect information about them.

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