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Gaming Laptops vs Gaming Desktop pcs

Gaming Laptops vs Gaming Desktop pcs

Now this is a war which never ends. The choice between a gaming laptop and a gaming desktop pc, is a crucial one for the gaming freaks. There are pros and cons of both, so we’ll go through some of them. Its all about the performance but performance depends on the specs which you put in. It is obvious an 800 $ gaming desktop will not be a match for 1500 $ gaming laptop, and surely it will outperform the desktop. But keeping all things equal we shall see where the comparison will take us. So, lets get to it.


When we see the portability aspect, surely gaming laptops will beat gaming desktops any day of the week. Laptops are obviously easier to take with you wherever you go, whereas you cannot take your gaming desktop with you, even to another room. Laptops can travel with you wherever you go. You can take them with you to your friend’s home for gaming battles. Gaming desktops lack this ability to move with you and stay with you all the time.


Well, gaming desktops have taken the lead in this category. You can upgrade your gaming desktop quite easily. Whenever a new graphic card arrives in the market, or whenever you feel that your gaming desktop is lacking memory or space, you can enhance it. You can upgrade your gaming arena with new and latest game controllers and gaming mouse. But sadly, gaming laptops don’t have such convenience. You cannot upgrade your gaming laptop every two months. You will need to buy new laptop, every time you are thinking about upgrading.


If we talk about the cost of gaming laptops and gaming desktops, its almost comparable. A gaming desktop will cost you a bit less only if you already have the killer gaming monitor. But as whole, the cost of both gaming laptops and gaming desktops are almost the same. A gaming desktop is still somewhat affordable than a gaming laptop.


Now we’ll talk about the main thing gamers are looking for, it is the performance. Nothing is more painful than your game lagging, or the system gets too much heated that it crashes. Performance wise the gaming desktops are ahead of the gaming laptops. Due to the cooling fans being bigger and much more effective in gaming desktops, they tend to perform much better than laptops because they don’t get heated up that fast. Gaming laptops on the other hand, get heated up quickly. Even though there are a lot of good gaming laptops with new Sharfkfin cooling fan technology, they still can’t battle with the cooling system of gaming CPU. As they get heat up, the laptop tends to perform with less efficiency or crashes while you are playing a heavy open world game.


What is the first thing you notice when you play a game like Assassins creed, Resident Evil or Fifa? It is the graphics and the details in the environment. You need crystal clear graphics and vivid colours, both on the biggest display which you can get. Although gaming laptops have great 15 to 17 inch display, with great colour graphics and perfect detailing, but you cannot confine yourself to the 17 inch display only. Gaming desktops can be upgraded with the biggest gaming monitor you can buy. The big display and killer colours will get you lost in the gaming world more than that of a 17 inch laptop screen. You can attach a gaming laptop to external monitor but you can only attach it to one monitor, where as you can connect multiple screens to your gaming desktop while playing strategy or open world games.


Any gaming freak will tell you that a great sound is needed to enjoy the game, and make it more realistic or closer to life. There is no doubt in the fact that gaming laptops have progressed hugely from the laptops of yesterdays. Now the gaming laptops have great output speakers with clear distortion free quality. But the things you can do with your gaming desktop are endless. You can attach bass boosting speakers to the system or even turn your gaming room into surround sound gaming arena. The possibilities are endless.


You might know that the touchpad of a laptop does not work well while playing a game, which often gets you nowhere. You need to attach the gaming mouse or any external mouse to the laptop, in-order to enjoy the game to the fullest. Whereas, the gaming desktop already has its own mouse, you don’t need any extra equipment. Now if we talk about the keyboard, we know that the keyboards of laptops are not that hard and durable, as compared to the keyboards of a gaming desktop. The keyboards of laptops are not made for continuous button mashing. The keyboard of a gaming desktop can survive the continuous clobbering of a gamer.


Well, we have gone through all the pros and cons of gaming laptops and gaming desktops. Both have their own pros and their own cons. It completely depends on the gamer’s preference of the system. If you are looking for portable device which you can carry with you and which looks cool and easy to setup then you are a gaming laptop guy. But if you prefer upgradeable system with larger than life experience then gaming desktops are for you.


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