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Frugal Approach to Increasing Savings Amid Budget Tightness

What happens when a person runs tight on a budget?

Well, as much as we know, that person would start saving up but eventually run out of money. He will then either have to wait for their income or take loans.

Now, what if we tell you that there are a few ways to save money on a tight budget?

No matter how much income you might be bringing in currently, it is always better to save up a little for the future. Here are a few ways you can use to uphold the financial services you are used to and save up!

Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Food Bills

The best way you can save up money is by changing the way you eat!

You may start by cutting back on eating out. This can bring two major benefits to the table,

  1. You will notice the amount of money you will be saving by enacting this
  2. You can finally live the healthy life you have always wanted to.

Coming back to the topic, it is so much cheaper to cook at home and save the leftovers to munch on the next day. The cost of dining out and take away tends to rise faster than the cost of groceries.

You can even cut back on meat for a few days and substitute it with fresh vegetables, canned or frozen fruits or vegetables. Vegetables and fruits are pretty cheap too, but and on the other hand, meat can fall expensive on your pockets.

Switch to Cash

While shopping or running errands, people feel more comfortable paying with a credit or debit card than to spend cash.

But for what reasons?

There are many reasons for that; for instance, it is much easier to carry cards than to having cash stacked up in your wallet. Another reason is that you never know when you can run low on cash.

This is where we jump in and tell you how these reasons can become the greatest enemies of your saving accounts. You wouldn’t even realize how much you are spending because it is just a card, right?

What happens now when you start paying by cash?

First, you will realize the value of money, and by paying the cash, you will actually be able to see how much you were spending!

You can pre-plan the amount you would be spending for the next week and hide your cards. Then only use the cash you have in your pockets for the rest of the week.

Cut on Big Expenses

Take a look around, catch a glimpse of all your big items in your budget.

You wouldn’t even know how expensive your living habits are until you sit down and make a list to cut back a few. Check if your car payment is too much and if yes, then find ways to cut it back. Maybe buy a cheaper car for a few months, and then you can always save up for a new one later.

If your rent is high, then find a cheaper place to live! Another great way to save money on a tight budget is to share an apartment. If you are comfortable in the place you are already living in, get a roommate! This way, you may share all the expenses and still be able to afford to live in your comfort zone.

Television Services

One of the easiest ways to put extra money in your savings account is by canceling your tv subscription and find a cheaper alternative for the time being.

Many television providers have raised their rates for 2021. Now why spend so much money on your subscription when you can get a wide range of entertainment options from different streaming services. These services charge as little as $30 a month.

Your best alternative could be Netflix that can be accessed directly on your tv for just $8.99 to $15.99 every month. If you are passionate enough to save as much money as you can, you can always use YouTube to browse without any charges.

You can now try all these ways and see if it works for you (which it definitely will) and then see what happens!


We have provided you with a solution to money problems and a tight budget. All these ways are tried and tested, and we can assure you will get positive results once you give it a shot!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go and make your budget right now and start saving up for the future.

Do leave us a comment and tell us if this blog was helpful to you in any way!

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