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Follow Yoga Stay Healthy

Yoga and asanas have their own importance to remain healthy at every level of body, mind and soul. There are many such methods of yoga, by regular practice of which you can always remain completely healthy and healthy. You will even find it effective in keeping your entire family healthy. There are many such asanas in the yoga methods prevalent in the country, which have the ability to cure almost every kind of disease.

The books on yoga practice describe many different types of Kriyas and Asanas. If you have not practised them before and are completely ignorant of yoga kriyas, then you may not know much about them. If this is the case then it is better that you start practising under the guidance of a qualified instructor instead of starting yoga practice on the basis of bookish knowledge only.

In today’s time, many types of classes related to yoga are going on in all the major cities of the country. In this case, the first question people face is which rugs they should choose for themselves.

If you want to explore and learn more about yoga poses, you can join a 300 Hour Yoga teacher Training.

How to choose seat

In fact, the scope of yoga is very wide and there are hundreds of types of asanas. According to the physical condition of every person, there are definitely some postures to keep his health in good shape. Every person has his own individual personality and accordingly his needs are also there. Some people need a very disciplined posture group, while for many people easy asanas are suitable.

Yoga experts opine that everyone should adopt yoga in their lives, but first they should determine which type of yoga is suitable for them. This is necessary so that in order to adopt Yoga Asanas, you do not start practising any such asana, which is very difficult for you, in the very early stages. For example, if you are just going to start yoga without doing any exercises beforehand, then easier types of asanas will be better for you. The term investment specifically refers to something which meets the individual needs of each person.

Apart from this, if you want to choose any other style for yourself, then it is better that you do two or three types of asanas in the initial phase. In the meantime, go for whatever style is most convenient for you. Yes, do take the advice of your yoga instructor before adopting any group of asanas.

Yoga is useful for every person. It not only corrects physical functions but also helps in your spiritual development. With this, you learn to focus your attention easily on any thing or thing. This also improves your breathing process, which brings stability in life. Also, yoga also makes your body more shapely, in this way you can lead a happy life.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

According to experts, this method of yoga is better for those people who work hard. This asana helps in making your body shapely. Recognized as the best healthy and challenging asana for the body, it improves the process of air circulation within the body. Strength is also transmitted in the muscles and diseases are removed. Different types of classes are also going on in many places for this yoga asana.

Iyengar's posture

Iyengar’s posture

These asanas invented by BKS Iyengar are most useful for those who try to control the breath in sweaty conditions after heavy tiring work and want to get all the benefits through a certain asana. Gives classical posture to keep the action balanced. These asanas increase awareness, so that you learn new things from the things that come up in your daily life. The use of this therapy in medicine is also widespread, resulting in relief for diseases such as asthma, asthma, arthritis, arthritis, etc. For this also different classes are being run at many places.

Full arm posture

For those who want to relieve stress while bringing more flexibility within themselves and want to adopt easy methods of yoga asanas for this, this asana is quite suitable for them. According to yoga experts, although all yoga asanas have appeared in this method, there is also a special branch of asanas called whole hands. This is a simple posture, which increases the flexibility in your body and increases the comfortable position. During these asanas, you automatically get the benefits of pranayama related to breath. For this reason, many classes are going on in our country as well as abroad.

Perfect seat

Perfect seat

For those who want to develop themselves at every level of body, mind and soul through yoga and are in search of a perfect posture for this, this asana is perfect for them. In this, there is full use of hand posture, which works to balance physical activities with a comfortable position and increase spiritual interest. If you join its classes, you will find ways to breathe without stress, deep relaxation and a long link to silent spirituality.

Bikram asana

Bikram’s Yoga method

There is a reputation for excessive sweating with Bikram asana. People who have problems due to injury to joints and muscles and do not have any problem with excessive sweating, this asana is mainly for them. This asana is performed at a temperature of 110 degrees. This posture was discovered by Brikum Choudhury. 26 difficult postures are used in this posture so that oxygenated blood can be circulated to every part of the body and wherever there is pain or discomfort, it goes away. Apart from this, the high temperature of 110 degrees during this asana helps in making the fibres connecting the muscles and bones more flexible.

Kundalini for awakening

Kundalini Yoga for awakening

If you are not aware of yourself then there cannot be a better solution than this. It was discovered by Yogi Bhajan. The main purpose of adopting this yoga is to awaken the energy present within the body. For this, the help of breathing exercises and many activities are taken. There are also many methods, which seem strange in the beginning, but later prove to be quite comfortable.

Apart from these, yoga experts also tell many more asanas to be very important. In this sequence the names of Vinoyog, Kripalu, Sivananda, Anasur, Satyendra etc. can be taken. Similarly, other yoga methods are also beneficial for each person in different ways.

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