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Five sights you must visit in Lanzarote

Best of Lanzarote

Best of Lanzarote
Best of Lanzarote

Five sights you must visit in Lanzarote

Lanzarote’s year-round clement climate is that the first attraction for several visitors to the island. Nick Ball suggests five other reasons to travel to the island no matter the weather.

Lanzarote’s year-round clement climate is that the first attraction for several visitors to the island. Even within the depths of a northern European winter, the temperature rarely drops below 21°C. Add over ninety

great beaches and a wealth of quality hotels and holiday villas, and Lanzarote has all the proper ingredientsfor the proper beach holiday.

But this Spanish spot off the coast of Africa has more to supply than simply buckets and spades alone.

thanks to the influence of Lanzarote-born artist and architect Cesar Manrique, this small island is filled withunique tourist attractions worth visiting. no matter the weather. Hotels booking in Lanzarote


The Timanfaya Volcano Park

The volcano park in Timanfaya is Lanzarote’s hottest tourist attraction tripline. Last year alone, almost a million visitors came. And it’s no wonder, because the landscape here is literally not of this world.

This eerie and haunting site was created by the world’s longest eruption , which lasted six years from 1730 to 1736.

The eruption buried what was once the foremost important fertile farmland on the island, under a sea of lava.

Today the scene hasn’t changed much. The view is populated by exhausted volcanic cones, strange, twisted lava forms and a surprisingly wide selection of earthy and organic colors and tones.

Visitors to the volcano park are going to be given a teacher’s tour of this surreal landscape within the middle of a piece of writing recording the diaries of the local priest of Yaiza who witnessed these terrible eruptions.

The tour culminates during a fantastic restaurant-The Devil’s Diner-where the food is cooked over the heat of a volcano and where guests can enjoy panoramic views of the volcano park.

Jameos Del Agua

Lanzarote has many main attractions. But this collapsed, 6-km-long lava tube located within the North of the island on the sting of Punta Mujeres, is for several tourists often the simplest choice.

The popularity of Jameos Del Agua is thanks to the very fact that this incredible natural space has been further improved by Cesar Manrique.

With the support of architects Luis Morales and Jesus Soto, he transformed it into a shocking underground auditorium.

The atmosphere is subdued and therefore the Cathedral. Blind albino crabs-unique in Lanzarote-glitter like jewels within the water.

Visitors emerge from this subterranean area and encounter a dreamlike bath that’s so opulent that it’s reserved just for the King of Spain.

Behind the pool may be a hall – made from magmatic rock – with incredible acoustics. This has created a shocking backdrop for several classical and avant-garde concerts since it had been first inbuilt 1987.

The Jameos Del Agua was declared the “eighth wonder of the world” by Hollywood legend Rita Heyworth when she visited Manrique as a guest. And it still inspires visitors today.

The Cactus Garden

The cactus garden in Guatiza could become a celebration of the foremost spider-rich plant species within the world, which the ever present Cesar Manrique discovered in his garden.

The site here wont to be a quarry, but today it houses over 1,000 different species of cactus, all artfully arranged in terraces around this bowl-shaped amphitheatre-like space.

Visitors are initially greeted by an enormous , eight-metre-high, green metal sculpture of cacti, spines and every individual . this is often sentinel-like above the parking zone and main entrance.

This cactus motif is repeated everywhere: on door handles, within the large iron entrance gates and in somewhat more abstract forms like within the beautiful glass ball sculpture, which decorates a winding spiral

staircase within the stylish bar under the restored Gofio mill within the back of the garden.

The cactus garden are often a Paradise for plant lovers. it’s located within the heart of the previous cactus country of Lanzarote.

This plant was originally grown by islanders to feed the cochineal beetle, which was successively dried and crushed and used as a natural dye.

César Manrique Foundation

This incredible house, built by Cesar Manrique in five volcanic bubbles, lets visitors magnify again and again.

This ingenious architectural achievement was one among Manrique’s first creations in Lanzarote and was designed, for instance , exactly what might be achieved.

Many thought Manrique was crazy to believe that Lanzarote might be became a tourist Paradise.

But until the height of 1968, when this creation was finished, that they had to re-evaluate when the building won numerous international architectural awards.

The rich and famous visited in droves-curious to find out more about this suddenly fashionable new destination.

One prominent visitor-the actor Omar Sharif – was so impressed that he immediately commissioned Cesar to make a uniform sort of holiday home for him.

Manrique found the proper location in Nazareth right the road and turned an old quarry into the foremost incredible private residence.

But Sharif soon lost the property during a high-stakes bridge game and left the island during a fit of pique. Never return.


Mirador Del Rio

While Manrique was a toddler of the 60s, he wasn’t a hippie who preferred a natural high.

This philosophy is best exemplified by his transformation of a former naval weaponry battery within the north of the island into the foremost breathtaking viewpoint – or Mirador – in Lanzarote.

The Mirador Del Rio is found at one among the simplest points of the island – about 479 meters. And offers the foremost incredible views down and over to the neighboring island of L. A.

Graciosa-just thousand meters away across the El Rio Strait and thus the uninhabited islands of Santa Clara and Alegranza.

Manrique originally planned to open a restaurant here.

The curved windows of the Mirador almost resemble those he later used when he transformed the cellar of the Castillo de San Jose in Arrecife into one among the foremost impressive dining rooms on the island.

But today, while it’s still possible to shop for snacks and drinks at the Mirador, it doesn’t host the Grand Restaurant that Manrique had originally envisioned.

the space is instead dedicated to the planning of the magnificent view.

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