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Home Improvement

Fire Extinguisher Rewind

The reworking of fire extinguisher is an essential task within their maintenance. This is a hydraulic test that fire extinguishers undergo every 5 years.

During this test, the extinguisher is subjected to internal pressure to check if its operation is correct. This pressure varies depending on the type of extinguisher that is fired. If it is the powder, it must have a pressure different from that of carbon dioxide.

 What are the steps?

  • First, we depressurize the extinguisher and empty it.
  • We fill it with water.
  • And we give it the necessary pressure until it reaches its maximum resistance.
  • Once the right pressure is reached, it is depressurized again and we remove the water.
  • When this process is finished, the extinguisher is recharged and will pressurize again.

The reason why this process is carried out is to keep the Fire extinguisher in optimal conditions, since we do not know when we may need it.

This process can only be carried out a maximum of 3 times, taking into account that the useful life of an extinguisher is 20 years. Once this time has elapsed, the extinguisher will not work properly and its use may put us in danger.

This process can only be carried out by those companies that are authorized to carry out maintenance tasks for fire extinguishers. Do not trust your security to just any company.

What objects are most dangerous in a fire?

When we talk about fires inside a house, certain objects that can lit very easily come to mind.

In case of fire, you have to be especially careful with them. Its high flammability can complicate extinguishing tasks.

These objects are:

  • Petroleum derivatives: Plastics and fuels derived from petroleum tend to burn very easily. Due to this, it is always recommended that there is a small extinguisher in risky places such as cars.
  • Rugs and carpets: The fabric that rugs and carpets are made of burns very easily. Keep in mind that carpet usually has glue, which is why it is one of the objects that can do the most damage in a fire.
  • Wood materials: Tables and chairs can be great food for a fire.
  • Electronic products: They are the most dangerous. A carelessness can cause any spark to start a fire in our home.

Always having a fire extinguisher at home is essential, as further damage can avoid acting quickly.

What types of fire extinguishers are there?

Not all fires can put out with the same extinguisher, depending on the nature of the fire one or the other will use. Therefore, we are going to explain what the differences are between one and the other.

  • Dry chemical extinguishers: they are, along with water extinguishers, the most common. They are use for all types of fire (A, B, C). They contain mono ammonium sulfate and ammonium sulfate that expands, smothering the fire, by removing oxygen. We do not recommend it for deep fires, but for fires that have just start.

This product is not toxic neither in use phase, nor later.

  • Water extinguishers: they are the most common fire extinguishers. They are use to put out type A fires, those that have produce in solid materials such as wood or cardboard. Most of its composition is water.
  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers: are those used in type B and C fires. Type C fires are those that occur in electrical systems. Its way of acting is through the gas that is at -79ºC, which manages to cool the surface quickly.

Always remember: “An extinguisher does not put out a fire (which too), but it avoids it”

And this is what is truly important, the culture of prevention. She will lead us to success.

Prevention is not an “expense” as such, it is an investment for the future, because in the long term it will bring more savings, and what is more important, peace of mind, for the safety and protection of people and property.

Review and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

On this occasion, it is our desire to advance information and knowledge on fire protection to our customers, readers and friends, in general.

In all places where a large number of people tend to circulate, such as public places and buildings, it is extremely important to have the necessary elements to extinguish fires. This means following the corresponding regulations on the maintenance of fire extinguishers.

Correct maintenance of fire extinguishers is of the utmost importance, so it is advisable to contact fire extinguisher maintenance and installation companies that allow them to maintain their correct operation. When contacting any of these companies, it is essential to verify that said company complies with all the regulations and audits that are require of it, since our safety and that of many people is at stake.

It is important to check that they are duly authoriz the Competent Authority, that the technicians are duly equipment and identify the public means necessary for this, approved work clothing, valid ID, etc.

Out of prudence, and in the obvious absence of information and / or excuses for giving it, it is advisable not to authorize access to the facilities of people who show doubts about the deficiencies they may have. We talk about fire safety.

Extinguisher life

Fire extinguishers usually have a useful life of about 20 years, as long as you carry out their revisions and follow the regulations for their maintenance. Every 5 years from its date of manufacture and four times, the Hydrostatic Test of the container must carry out, better known for the “GCTL”. These inspections must carry out periodically by technical experts.

The hiring of duly register companies will always bring benefits: the first of them will informative, by our code of ethics, they will always legally and duly advise, and from there all the technical actions that are carry out will give documentary testimony of things well done.

When we carry out a fire extinguisher review, we must make a series of checks by means of a complete “check list”, which will pass.

For this reason, and as we have said before, it is important to verify that the company responsible for the maintenance of the fire extinguishers complies with the legal requirements for the maintenance and recharging of fire extinguishers.


I'm working as a technician at Germany computer and telecom, a company that imports and sells CCTV Camera, Access Control System, and other security equipment. I like to gather knowledge about new technology and also inform others.

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