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Factors to consider when buying an ice cream machine.

Complete Guide for buying an Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream is one of the most consumed desserts during the hot season. This product is the result of a very delicate preparation, which has many stages. All of them are decisive to achieve a good final result.

Good ice cream requires the choice of quality ingredients. However, this is not enough. The production process must be adequate because otherwise good quality ice cream cannot be guaranteed.

The ice cream machine, created for the first time in 1913 in the United States, is undoubtedly a great ally for the production of quality ice cream. Next, we will see some recommendations for buying a professional ice cream machine.

The ice cream machine or ice cream maker basically consists of a cylindrical-shaped container with cooling on the walls. It also has a stirrer-scraper device. The mixture that is prepared to make the ice cream is introduced into this container.

The mixture is whipped during the stirring process, which allows it to cool and at the same time incorporate a certain amount of air. The temperature drops to about six or ten degrees below zero, turning the mixture into ice cream.

At that point, there is still a large amount of water that, when frozen, will turn into ice chips. To avoid this, it is necessary to cool it as quickly as possible. It then proceeds to the next stage: rapid freezing.

This new freezing process is carried out in fast freezing chambers or cabinets. Ice cream is considered ready when it reaches minus 18 degrees. The professional ice cream machine requires special care; its cleaning and disinfection must be very meticulous to avoid the transfer of the foreign matter to the ice cream.


There are homemade machines to make ice cream. So why prefer an industrial machine if it is, for example, a small business? The professional machine enables the production of various kinds of servings. The homemade machine can only process very small amounts of the liquid mixture, while an industrial one is capable of processing up to 23 kilos of the mixture.

On the other hand, the professional ice cream machine processes the ice cream in a container where very thin layers of the product are scraped off. This allows obtaining a very creamy product, with a perfect texture. The industrial ice cream maker is a professional tool that is undoubtedly indispensable in an ice cream parlor, whatever its size.


There are four types of industrial ice cream makers: horizontal, vertical, compact (with pasteurized), and multipurpose machines that are capable of processing other products in addition to ice cream.

Among the ice cream machines, there are those that offer water cooling and those that offer air cooling. What is the difference?  In water-cooled machines, as the name implies, water is circulated around the compensation unit. On the other hand, in those of air cooling, what circulates is air.

The two types of machines offer the same level of efficiency. However, there are some considerations that make each entrepreneur choose the one that best suits their needs. Water cooling machines often wastewater. But this depends on the model, as there are many that actually use the least amount of water possible when doing their homework.

For their part, machines that use air for cooling may not be suitable for small spaces. In effect, they can fill the production area with hot air, and this will make the place uncomfortable to work. When this happens, business owners often overwork the air conditioner, increasing their energy consumption.


A professional ice cream machine can represent a significant investment. That is why the first thing to consider when buying an industrial ice cream machine for a business is to evaluate the actual use that is going to be given to it. If it is going to be used very occasionally, it will certainly not be necessary to buy a very powerful machine. A basic model will suffice, which will surely also be cheaper.

Another very important element before choosing between the different options on the market is to consider the ease of cleaning of each model. Ideally, a machine that can be easily disassembled. In this way, the container can be cleaned on the one hand and the lid and blades on the other. Some can even be washed in the dishwasher, which is perfect. This cleaning stage is essential for the production of quality ice cream.

The materials with which the machine has been manufactured are another factor that must be taken into account before buying. You should try to choose quality materials, strong and resistant to the passage of time. Plastic is not a good material for the frame, among other things because it can break easily and tends to deteriorate rapidly over time.

Aluminum is a better option. It allows the transfer of cold to be faster and is also very resistant to humidity. In any case, it is advisable to choose a model that has a transparent lid. This will make it easier to control what is happening inside.

Another important element is the space required for the storage of the professional ice cream machine. It is important to determine exactly how much space can be allocated for this machine before purchasing it. If a machine with compressive capacity is chosen, much more space will be needed to store it .

Finally, accessories are also an element that can help when choosing the model. There are a lot of items to be considered, for example, an ice cream maker that has a timer. This will make it easier to control when the ice cream is ready. Some models have several spare containers, which can be very useful since it will be possible to make several ice creams at the same time.

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