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Facebooks’ libra currency launches in January and what we need to know about

Libra, the long-awaited digital currency led by Facebook is all set to launch in January. It is still earlier than anticipated, but the launch is confirmed by three people directly involved in the initiative. However, the format is going to be even more limited than its currently downgraded concept.

In April, the Libra Association declared that they were going to launch several digital versions of currencies. Alongside that, they also announced about coming up with a digital composite of all the coins. The initial plan was of creating one synthetic coin supported by a basket of currencies. This was met with concern by regulators.

For now, though, the Libra Association is prepared to launch only a single coin. The insider informant reported that it will be backed by the dollar one for one. More currencies and composite will also be rolled out later on at some point. According to the 7dollaressay writers, The exact launch date for Libra will also depend upon the project’s approval. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority’s approval is needed for Libra to function as a payment service. But this is said to be in order till January. FINMA on the other hand has not yet agreed to comment on the application of Libra just yet.

The scaled-down version of Libra’s vision was initially launched in June 2019. The reception of the idea by global regulators was decidedly skeptical. The regulators warned the global community that Libra can end up being a major source of money laundering. And they are also afraid that this digital currency is capable of threatening monetary stability.

The restricted version of the concept being launched now might be able to appease the concerns of the regulators. However, critics are also complaining that moving to singular coins can hit currency converting users with extra costs. This will undermine its purpose of enabling increased financial inclusion.

The executives of Facebook were the original launchers of Libra. It also went through some major upheaval right in the beginning. The founding members which included Mastercard PayPal, eBay, and Vodafone quite during the late 2019 and early 2020. The project seemed controversial to them and they found it better to distance themselves from it.

The Libra Association came up with a new announcement in April after the initial troubled phase. They claimed to have overhauled the concept to address the concerns voiced by the regulators. The scope of the project was limited now, and extra measures were taken to make it abuse proof. They basically promised a more secure and beneficial plan that was free from the issues risen by the community.

Libra also faced more controversy by being called out for its close links with social media networking. But quite a few Libra members believe that Libra experienced a turning point with the appointment of Stuart Levy. Levy is an HSBC legal chief and former terrorism finance tsar from George Bush’s era. Under his hand, Libra sought to be a more independent entity away from Facebook.

Since his appointment, several members of the Association have been building and testing independent products. They plan to launch them alongside Libra when the system is intended to go live. Among these projects is the Novi, which is a Facebook subsidiary. It is a rebranding of Calibra which has been making a digital wallet. This wallet is meant to hold Libra currency for users of Facebook. A person involved in the project Novi said that the digital wallet is ready if seen from a product perspective. However, it cannot be launched everywhere in the initial period. The company is looking to prioritize several high-volume remittance corridors which include the US and Latin America areas.

Novi will be needing a separate license to work in each US state. Up till now in the process, the wallet has been granted many of the licenses. But there are still at least around 10 left in waiting which includes the NY Bitlicense. It is not yet clear how some of the prominent services like Spotify and Uber, plan on wielding the currency. Some of them have commented that they will wait till the reception following Libra’s launch. They prefer to study how well received the digital currency is before investing in its use.

The news came when Bitcoin which is the original cryptocurrency, reached a record high of nearly $20,000. This occurred amid the rise of interest in cryptocurrencies from central banks and professional investors. Also, the coronavirus onslaught triggered it as well by quickening a shifting from cash to online payments. Meanwhile, Paypal, the first to drop out of Libra’s group of founders came up with a new announcement. They have claimed to launch support for digital currencies included at checkout. They are now calling the transition to digital currencies something that is inevitable.

Hence, the final release of Libra has been set for January, as soon as FINMA’s approval is acquired. More than a payments system which it was initially brought forward as Libra will be a stable coin. A stable coin is basically a digital currency that is less volatile in comparison to currencies like Bitcoin. This is because the currency has a fixed value. In the case of Libra, the US dollar will be backing it up. Therefore, it will hold the same value as a dollar. Thus, the value of Libra will be connected to the rise or fall of the dollar itself. For more quality content on digital financing reach out to cheap essay writing service UK. Our writers offer you the best materials and expert services on any subject you require.


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