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It is often difficult to choose the best eyelashes supplies for lash servicing. To suit customers’ needs, an eyelash technician must be ready with every kind of eyelash supplies at their disposal. To make things easy for you, here is a complete guide about eyelash supplies that can help you choose good-quality ‌products for your lash servicing.

If you are a customer, then this guide will guide you through the different products present in the eyelash supplies list.

Here is an ultimate overview of the features of the must-have eyelash supplies products so that you would have an easy time when choosing what is best for you and your customers. Happy Lashing.


These products are the most important ones in the lash service process. Lash technicians and experts have to choose a variety of lash extensions so that customers stay satisfied and the lash service process occurs smoothly with no disturbance.

Let us start by knowing what these lash supplies product is made of eyelash extensions supplies are one of the major products on the lash supplies list. They make these eyelash extensions of a synthetic material known as PBT. PBT is the short form of Polybutylene Terephthalate. PBT is a polymer also used in engineering works and in the electronics industry.

Apart from its use in the technical and electronic industry, this material is the key ingredient for making eyelash extensions. This ‌must have come as a surprise to many. This lash supplies product that uses PBT is soft, lush, and flexible. Manufacturers make most of the eyelash extensions of Korean PBT material. They are the leading producer of this eyelash supplies product.

There are three different ‌eyelash categories are available in the market. Namely, mink lashes, laser lashes, and flat lashes. Synthetic mink lash is the most commonly used lash in this category. Technicians and experts widely use this synthetic eyelash supplies product for their lashing service. Customers also love this material and the product. You can select the curl, thickness, and style of the eyelash curls that best suit your clients or customers.

This product is vegan, cruelty-free, and there is no danger of animal hair allergy after using it. It is possible that out of 100, one might be defective, but there is no such synthetic lash supplies product that can cause animal hair allergy at all.


Different ‌eyelash supplies with curls. Out of the many eyelash supplies products, eyelash extensions with curls are the favorite part of any customer. A small curl can add a lot of flair to a woman’s attitude, confidence, and beauty. Customers and clients have varied interests, and to serve them the best, we prefer ‌different ‌lash supplies products, like eyelash extensions.

Curls define the overall appearance of the eyes when used correctly, they can even enhance the client’s natural eye shape. There is no one-size-fits-all curl. For selecting the lash extension curl, it is critical to establish a goal for the style you want to achieve for the specific client’s eye shape, natural lash angle, and characteristics.

It is sad to know that not all curls have the same retention. The curlier lashes offer less retention because there is a very limited base area for the lash to attach to. As a result, it is critical to select the ‌combination of curl and thickness of extensions based on your client’s natural lash.


As per your clients and customers, you can choose various eyelash extensions curls. Make sure it satisfied the clients or customers with the eyelash supplies product and your service.

I-curl lashes – this is the least curled lash and is also not used by many women. I-curl lashes are perfect for male application. Men who want to add some thickness and not any curl can use these lashes.

B-curl lashes – B Curl lash supplies will give your straight natural lashes a bit more “lift” than the I-curl lash extensions. A B-curl lash has an extra curl than an I-curl, but it is still an excellent option for clients who want to have straight lashes that point straight or upward.

B Curl lashes are industry-standard lashes with a soft touch to them that have an excellent retention perk. This feature gives it an enhanced lash appearance.

L and L+ curl – L and L+ eyelashes are eyelash supplies products with a flat base. Because of the flat base, you will ‌give your client or customers the ultimate eyelid lift. L and L+ Curl were developed to provide a wide-eye effect to clients with hooded eyelids, and deep-set eyes. L+ curled eyelash supplies product is slightly curlier than L curled eyelash extensions.

M-curl lashes – the fourth ‌lash is the C-curl lashes. The effect of M Curl is the opposite of  J Curl. M curl lifts the appearance of downward-angled natural lashes by having a small surface for the flat base and a dramatic curl upwards. Because of the dramatic upward angle, you’ll be able to achieve a lash lift and wide-eyed effect.

We do not recommend it for clients with hooded eyelids or upward angled natural lash to use the M-curl lashes.

The DD-curl lashes – The D-curl eyelash supplies product is used to create a more dramatic effect. People also recommend it for clients who want to open up their eyes dramatically. The D curl eyelash supplies lashes are very similar to the M curl lash extensions, just curlier.

Next, there are eyelash glues that are very important. There are a variety of glues present in the market, but few provide the best results. So, read this eyelash adhesive guide and know more about the lash glues.


An eyelash adhesive comprises two typical components, they are –

  1. Cyanoacrylate (90 to 95%)
  2. Some complex compounds such as stabilizer, thickener, hardening accelerator, colorant, etc. (5 to 10%)They use cyanoacrylate in many eyelash extension adhesives because it is the only component that can be hardened under genuine conditions. There is no other glue that can replace the current eyelash supplies adhesive retention and adhesion.

A typical box of adhesive would have an expiration time of 4-6 months when the bottle is kept closed throughout, and about a month ‌after the bottle is opened. It is difficult to harden the adhesive when the surface area in contact with air is small. To extend the expiration date, it is critical to store the adhesive at the proper temperature and humidity and to use proper storage methods.


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