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Exciting Ways to Decorate and Paint Your Office and Increase the Level of Productivity

There are so many things you could do to decorate and paint your office. To make your office environment look good must be your one of the most important tasks. Employees would only enjoy working in your office if you have utilised the office way in a much interesting way that will always entice your employees to work. Often times, painting and decorating your office could fall under pricey investment. But this could be minimised by following easy and cheap ways of doing that. Not always cheap means bad quality, sometimes it can save you huge money and give you a spacious look. These are some tricks that most of the well renowned offices do. But if you feel like taking some help from a professional decorating and painting company, you are always free to do that! The more experience the office painters and decorators would be, the more stunning your office would look.

Studies have shown that the only thing that increases the productivity level of an employee is the way in which he works. A friendly environment will always attract him/her to engage in what he is doing. A better workplace increases 89% employees to be satisfied with their jobs. So if you are someone who has recently started up with the office and needs some employees to work in it, you have to be super conscious of the decoration and painting project of your office. These are the ultimate things which will enable your employees to be much more energetic when they are at work.

The office starts early in the morning and continues till the evening. So an employee is spending a pretty much time in the office. Hence, if you spend your precious time on thinking which type of paints or what decorations should be done in your office, it would be worth your time. It becomes very important to impress your employees as they are the source of your business profit and loss. A bad environment will pressurize them and in such a pressure creativity is never born. So to make your office more aesthetic and appealing, you need to decorate it just like the way your employees would enjoy it working.

Starting up with the color decision

As you know colors play an important role, be it your home or just an office. It can have a direct psychological impact in that space. In fact a whole science is already dedicated to the study of colors and how it plays an important part in someone’s life. That’s why we become so concerned when it comes to choosing colors for the walls of our home. Home is the place where we have to live throughout our life, hence everyone wants to choose those colors that depict their lifestyle and mood. The same thing goes with the office environment as well. When we study about the impact of colors in our mind, we will find that some colors can actually brighten our days while others just lay us down. This truly happens and that’s why big brands focuses of bright colors instead of dark ones as they always want to keep their people bright and lively.

Bright colors in the office tend to stimulate and they are also a great invoker of the excitement. They can also be really jolty at times which will engage with the minds of your employees. They will always feel hyper energetic and super dramatic. If you go for something that is cooler colors, it will rather have a calming and soothing impact. So the thing becomes very clear here. Depending upon the type of office you want, you can choose the color. If you are searching for a cooler and calmer environment then go for something that will give you a much softer texture with a calming setting. For this you can go for blue or greens or pastels or softer and muted tones. You can think of nature as your inspiration. The misty foggy would much likely to give you that calm and soothing feeling, then you can go for the same color type.

Decorating ideas for your office

After choosing the best color combination for your office, you need to see if the walls or the rooms are looking just equally attractive. Painting is not all enough to entice your employees! There are many decorating ideas that you can go for to make your office a much better place to work in. The accent wall is a great way to decorate your office room or the interview hall. It looks subtle and amazing which gives a positive vibe to the people entering into it. Also you can paint a chalkboard wall and write down the thoughts or schedule your today to do lists for your employees. Engage them with interesting sentences and not thrusting them with tons of work.

Another most popular way to shine your office and encourage the employees to work harder without any pressure is to go for wall decals. Choose the wall decals that will have an everlasting impact in the minds of your employees. These are some great ways to increase the level of productivity within the office. If you can take help from your employees and ask them to contribute to as this is their office as well, you can go for bulletin boards where the employees would either write on them and express their thoughts or create it just the way they want. These engaging ideas will definitely make them happier to work.

If you don’t like the thought of painting your walls, then prefer decorating them with decorative accessories. You can use desk accessories for each desk or you can have them decorated in your bookcase, depending upon the type of office you have. But make sure don’t exaggerate too much or else it would look really bad rather than good.

Decorate your exterior

The outside of your office is as much important as your inside. After focusing too much on the interior, it’s time to think for the outside. Make sure it looks equally attractive just like you have done inside. Your outside area is the first thing that people notices. If your employer doesn’t like the way your office looks, he/she might not be also interested in going inside. That’s the fact! Make sure you have a full janitorial system in your office that cares for the inside and out. The litter should be cleaned and the surface adjacent to your building must also be cleaned. If your landlord allows, you can also grow little plants to promote a healthy working environment. Don’t take it casually when it comes on painting doors and windows. These are the infrastructure that your employees will be in touch throughout the day.

The office should look professional

Your office is meant for other people as well and they are equally working with you to have an equal share of profit. Think about them and they will think about you. That’s how business works! Your office design should not offend anyone in your office. Starting from the color to the way of desk arrangement should be very interesting and enticing. Your employees and customers must like working and coming back to your office. The neutral tones in the office are best suited for a calmer atmosphere.

Choosing the best of furnitures

When it comes to working for a long time, you want something that should be comfortable enough to sit. Think about your employees just like you would of yourself. Comfortable chairs and wide expanded desks (which can help the employees to organise their desk in a lovely way) must be taken care of before starting up for a full decoration. The height of the desk must not be too much higher than the height of the chair. It should be at a level where the person working on it should not feel too wretched. Check the quality of the chair before putting them in your office.

If you want to cover up some of the costs from the furniture, you can head over to online auction sites where you can buy office furniture in cool styles. Also you need to buy chairs that have a supporting back which would give them a slight support of their back as they need that after a little break from work.

All these inclusive ideas will help you in having an astounding atmosphere in your office where your employees and customers would love to visit. If you are unsure of the designs and painting, you will find the best painters and decorators in London who are professional enough in giving you a professional finishing touch!

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