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Everything you need to know about the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon

The eCommerce industry is full of competition. The eCommerce industry is full of competition. Thus, if you are not prepared for the competition with the best strategies, you will lag. Client commitment is a means to strengthen the bond between clients and web-based company providers in this way. Talking about the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon by Knowband, you cannot depend on a better email subscription pop-up module. Thus, we will talk about the different aspects of the Prestashop Interactive pop-up addon in this blog. Further, the Prestashop subscription pop up addon is responsible for increasing customer engagement in your store.

The Prestashop Responsive pop-up addon is a responsive and straightforward addon developed by Knowband. In fact, it is responsible for strengthening the loyalty between customers and your store. Essentially, giving a discount would eliminate the manual working to engage with customers. Hence, the Subscription pop up addon by Knowband is usable to attract customers to the online business.

The Email Subscription pop up addon is a tool that allows you to make your website more mobile and dynamic. The Spin Wheel is a simple way to encourage website visitors to input their email addresses. The account information customers submit in the email subscription pop-up links to the different accounts. For instance, MailChimp, Klaviyo, and Sendinblue accounts. Thus, allowing you to use it for future commercial or marketing purposes.

By using event-based subjects like the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, the spin and win email subscription popup can be used to website design enticing and engaging for users. The Prestashop Spin and Win Addon also provides online store owners with subject review options.

This blog talks about everything that helps you have a clear understanding of the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon by Knowband. In fact, it throws light on the features, benefits, and more about the Prestashop Spin and Win pop up.

The remarkable features of the Prestashop Entry Pop up

1. Prestashop spin and win is a three-in-one popup module. It features three pop-ups: entry pop-up, exit popup, and an email subscription popup. Thus, it is really helpful for your eCommerce business.

2. The Prestashop Exit Intent Pop up is a fun spin win challenge that requires users to provide their email addresses. In fact, it makes the whole acquisition process simpler and more intuitive.

3. The email subscription popup in Prestashop encourages the administrator to increase traffic to the online store. Further, by simply displaying a spin wheel that offers fancy rewards and discounts, users want to come again. Moreover, spread the word to their friends and acquaintances as well. Thus, increased traffic.

4. The admin can change the whole look and feel of the spinning wheel. In fact, he can easily decide the number of slices in the wheel, and more. For instance, what discounts to offer, what should be the colour and font of the text, which slice should be more often offered to the user, and more.

5. With the Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon, the admin can have a theme for every possible occasion. For instance, the theme can be Christmassy, Halloween, New Years’, or any other. Further, he can schedule the theme in advance as well. Thus, the theme sets in on its own. Moreover, the default theme comes up when the timer ends.

6. The progress meter is something new in the Spin Wheel Addon by Knowband. Furthermore, it displays a progress meter to the customers that how many customers have availed the discount. In addition, the admin can edit the message below the meter as well.

7. Further, the admin can decide where would the spin wheel widget be displayed. In addition, how many times the user can spin the wheel using the Prestashop Newsletter Subscription popup addon.

Admin perks of the Prestashop Exit Pop up addon

  1. The user-friendly module works as an entry popup, exit popup, and email subscription popup.
  2. Visitors are enticed to register their email addresses by the intuitive stunning gamified spin and wheel challenge.
  3. It’s simple to entice customers to your online business.
  4. The Prestashop Spin and Win Addon allows the admin to grow the client base by capturing or obtaining the users’ email addresses.
  5. With the Prestashop spin and win module, you can increase user confidence in your store.
  6. The Prestashop Entry Pop up increases customer commitment. Further, which has a significant impact on your web store’s revenues.
  7. The Spin Wheel Addon is customizable to meet the needs of the admin or owner, as well as the theme of your online store.
  8. The Prestashop addon is really easy to use thanks to the intuitive back-end interface.
  9. No other Prestashop plugin has a problem with the responsive and interactive entry pop up.
  10. The set coupon validity feature in the Prestashop spin and win addon allows admins to limit the resemblance of spin and win coupons to other cart regulations.
  11. The theme scheduling helps reduce the urgency of changing the theme as per the occasion. In fact, after putting the validity of the theme, it sets back to the default theme after the validity expires.
  12. The customizable email template allows the admin to personalize the emails sent to the customers. In fact, the emails contain the coupon code for the customers.

Customer perks of Prestashop Exit Pop up addon

  1. The dynamic and clever Spin Wheel Addon provides customers with the right amount of discount without annoying them.
  2. The Prestashop Spin and Win Addon provides a method for obtaining various discount offers and rewards.
  3. The Prestashop Responsive popup addon can quickly add the enjoyable element to provide customers with a better purchasing experience.
  4. Ordinary notifications will be sent to clients to assist them to recall the deals they have earned.
  5. Clients can easily retrieve the coupon code on the checkout page to enjoy the full benefit of the benefits.

How can you use the Prestashop Spin and Win Pop up to attract new clients to your website?

On your Prestashop store, install and set up the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon.The first step is to purchase, implement, and customize the Knowband Prestashop Entry Pop up on your store. With the aid of the Gamified technology, the interactive module for Prestashop stores is meant to bring your website to life. You will be able to go through the full procedure with comprehensive help if you purchase the Prestashop addon from Knowband.

Adapt the theme to your website’s needs. You don’t have to be concerned about whether the Prestashop Interactive pop up addon will appear nice on your website since, as the administrator, you can select the theme. You can now schedule the theme’s date and time as a new feature.

Appreciate your victory with this amusing presentation. So, what function do you play in being your customers’ buddies in your store if you don’t appear thrilled when they win? When clients win after spinning the wheel, the Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon commemorates with fireworks and a popup sound. To keep you updated, you can adjust this functionality on your shop from the back-end as the administrator.

Make the interactive feature your own.What could be better than a spin wheel that validates the participant’s name before spinning the wheel? Personalization, after all, is what pulls a visitor/customer closer to a website. With the Spin and Win email subscription popup plugin, the admin can ask the user for his or her name before spinning the wheel.

At the end

The Prestashop Spin and Win Addon by Knowband is a must-have. In fact, with the holiday season upon us, the module can really help you bag in sales and revenue. In case you have any doubts, let us know at

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