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Enjoy A VIP Desert Safari to the Fullest in Dubai (2020)

Enjoy A VIP Desert Safari to the Fullest in Dubai (2020)

Desert Safari Dubai packages include all the exciting activity-packed fun that you could always enjoy during your long stay in Dubai. During your VIP Desert Safari Dubai tour package, you will have innumerable options to make your day a special one.

You can choose from an array of tours that offer you a thrilling and unforgettable experience such as dawn stroll touring, sunset desert safari, dune bashing, hot air ballooning and much more. All these activities are organized by various tour operators and travel agencies to give the travellers a lifetime experience in the city.

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

VIP Desert Safari is one of the most famous activities to do in Desert Safari Dubai. You can experience all the excitement and fun you could ever want to during your special desert safari. This amazing activity offers you and your whole family unforgettable adventurous moments in the midst of beautiful landscape, spectacular mountains and panoramic view of the desert. All these can be experienced at the Barad Marwan International Airport or the Dubai Gold Reef City.

Most Alluring Activity

The most alluring activity during the Desert Safari Dubai is camel riding in the dunes. The expert drivers here are well aware of the routes so that they can take you to the right place. On reaching desert camp, you will be taken to the observation platform where you can watch the sunrise, sunset and the annual camel race. Enjoy the nightlife here with soft drinks and dinner.

Fascinating activity

Another fascinating activity on the Desert Safari Dubai is camel ride on the sand dunes. One of the best features of this activity is that you will not need to carry any equipment. You can sit on the back of a camel and enjoy the amazing view of the city, surrounding and the dune area.

You can feed the camels at the edge of the sand dunes and enjoy the camel ride in the cool evening atmosphere. This desert safari in Dubai is one of the most famous activities of all time and one of the most preferred tourist activities. In addition to all these activities, you can also indulge in various water sports and beach activities.

Another fascinating thing about the Dubai desert safari tours is the experience of hunting. You can try your luck at shooting the various species of animals. You can hunt different types of animals like Wild Boars, Deer, Cat, Cheetah, Snake and many more. Dubai is an ideal destination for game lovers and there are many game parks and sanctuaries located here, which make the tour all the more interesting and exciting.

Shopping is an integral part of the tour package offered by Dubai. It is not possible to provide the visitors with the opportunity to shop much in Dubai as there is no street shopping allowed here. Instead, all the shopping activities are done inside the hotels and malls. However, there are numerous shopping complexes which are located in the outer regions of Dubai which attract tourists from across the world. The shopping activities include indoor shopping, outdoor shopping and street shopping to name a few.

If you wish to enjoy your desert safari tour in Dubai, you need to book the Dubai morning desert safari or the evening desert safari in Dubai online. You need to visit any of the travel websites to get the low-cost Dubai tour packages. These websites offer the Dubai morning and evening desert safari at the most affordable rates. You can select any of the four destinations that are offered by the websites.

When you choose the destination, you will be automatically provided with all the details about the trip such as the dates, budget and the services that are offered by the operators. After you choose the destination, you will also be able to view the photographs of the attractions in Dubai and you would also be able to book the Dubai tour packages through the websites.

One of the most popular desert safaris in Dubai is the VIP desert safari in Dubai which includes everything that you need for an exciting desert safari tour. You can get to see all the creatures of the desert like the snake charmers, anteaters, spotted deer, desert foxes, chipmunks, and much more.

The most exciting part of this desert safari in Dubai is that you will be provided with a comfortable coach where the guides will teach you all about these animals. You can also enjoy the hot air balloon ride over the desert and take a bird’s eye view of the lovely town of Deira, the capital city of Dubai. A typical desert safari in Dubai will allow you to travel to all the four corners of the city and to witness the vastness of the Arabian Desert.


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