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Effects of SSD and SATA Hosting on Website Speed

Firstly, the question arises why we need these kinds of hard drives while having a regular hard drive on our laptop and computer? The answer is this, when our system (PC) gets slower in performing different tasks then we need a new hard disk drive that works better and solves our problem to reduce difficulties.

When our PC/Laptop takes more time to boot up, storage space is fully occupied and, it takes time to load files and apps then the hard drive should be replaced by a new one with the latest technology to improve the performance and to work faster. There are two types of hard disk drives one is SATA and the other is SSD. Here are the detailed specifications of SATA and SSD, which you should read before buying any one of them.

SATA Hard Disk Drives

SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It replaced an older version PATA (which stands for Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment).

  • Thinner and flexible cables are used to connect SATA.
  • It transfers data at a very high speed. It transfers data through serial signal technology.
  • SATA also offers an external interface to its user which is known as eSATA.
  • When SATA is used in the system, it takes time to boot up. System boots up slowly.
  • SATA hard drives have more weight than SSD.
  • SATA has a slow speed of 50MB-120MB per second to read and write data in your system.
  • SATA is less expensive than SSD hard drives.

SSD Hard Disk Drives

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is an electrically operated hard drive instead of being mechanically operated.

  • SSD has a non-volatile memory (NVRAM). Non-volatile means saved data remains safe in case of power turned off.
  • SSD is faster than SATA to read and write the data.
  • SSD is faster than SATA. It boots up the system very quickly in just 8 to 10 seconds. It reduces the load and runs games and apps faster than a normal hard disk drive.
  • It reduces the use of electricity because less energy is required to operate it.
  • SSD with memory Range from 250GB to 2TB is available in the market.
  • It is lighter in weight and more durable than SATA because of no moving parts.
  • It has a very high speed to read and write data with a range of 200MB-500MB per second.
  • Usage of SSD drives can increase the battery life of laptops up to 5 times.
  • It uses flash memory chips to store data.
  • But, it is expensive than SATA because of having more features.

SSD or SATA effects on Web Speed & SEO

In 2009, Initially, SSD drives were expensive. After reducing prices, most web hosting companies started installing Solid State Drives in their servers and data centers to provide competitive services with faster loading.

Fact: SSD hosting loads website 10X faster

Assuming a web page 1mb size, when a visitor searches for some keyword in google, google databases shows the respective website list. Visitors click on the website and if it loads late, visitors can go back to SERP and open some other page.

The search engine notices every activity a visitor performs on-site. So, the same way they count stays time and user bounce rate. The more bounce rate means the search engine will start accessing your site less important and drank you.

Every day google changes its algorithms and makes silent and announced updates. With the new Google update, google started giving importance to websites which loads within 3 seconds on mobile devices. It is also checkable via the search console. Your efforts are fruitless if you try to save a few bucks by buying SATA drives.

No matter how many backlinks you have or how much qualitative content you have produced. UX is the most important thing google consider nowadays. Everything is for a visitor.

There are many national and international hosting companies providing SSD hosting which can be checked by observing improved loading time or the same webpage. There may be few companies who claim to be SSD but actually they are SATA. The best way to cope with this issue is to buy from market trusted hosting companies like HostGator, hostOsite, DO and Siteground. There are many other options as well, you may need to check their visitor reviews before buying.

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