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Driver Tracking Without GPS: Alternative GPS

Alternative to GPS

Track your driver, no longer GPS required; is that possible? Within this world, there’s absolutely not any opportunity to understand somebody’s place by phoning them 24/7. Nowadays tracking became an important activity in most facets, especially while Fleet Management Solutions.

Somewhat costly method. Imagine using a fleet, why is it that you wish to invest in N amount of GPS devices to set up in the fleet?

Obviously, keep an eye on your drivers and vehicles, which helps to enlarge productivity also optimize your equipment price.

Is there a means to monitor drivers at a lower price? Vehicle Tracking without GPS is potential? Is this an alternative solution for GPS?

Some GPS businesses brought SIM-based monitoring solutions a characteristic in the FleetOS program to fix your expensive means of monitoring.

What’s SIM-based monitoring?

SIM-based monitoring or SIM permission is a powerful and accurate method of monitoring system which can help you to find the precise place of the mobile network with no GPS device or without creating a phone. SIM-based monitoring works exactly the same as monitoring with GPS devices. It is helpful to decrease gas wastage, improve maintenance methods, and also make your job simpler and cost-effective.

We can declare sim based monitoring is something greater than GPS device monitoring. Sim permission can fill the areas where GPS can’t go. Let us make it easy for improved comprehension. Imagine you have to get a temporary car for a restricted period to take your merchandise. If you would like to be certain that your products are secure and traveling to the ideal path, are you going to put in a GPS device in that temporary car or truck, Tracking trucks can be essential?

1. It Works the Same as GPS Devices

GPS has made a substantial effect on all navigation and positioning applications. SIM-based monitoring is an option to GPS monitoring which works exactly the same as GPS devices, it will help to find assets quicker whether from town or from town, and also the precise place where your advantage is traveling as cellular networks cover the whole landscape.

2. Save Fuel, Enhance Efficiency

By finding and monitoring your advantage, you can deal with your car or truck fuel theft management use by optimizing the road, additionally, you are able to increase the efficacy of the motor vehicle.

The ideal route conserves fuel, you are able to monitor the position of your advantage and direct the motorist if they’re in a wrong path or when the driver tends to make a lengthy journey.

3. Make Your Work Easier

With the SIM approval procedure, the user may monitor the automobile only using a cell phone, despite a simple mobile telephone this SIM permission can be carried out.

With SIM-based monitoring, an individual may prevent GPS device upkeep. Technical problems can happen in GPS devices, if any damages occur to GPS devices, the user should replace or fix those apparatus again that contributes to paying costs.

4. Stop Idling, Boost Productivity

SIM-based monitoring gives you the precise location of this asset, which will help you to reduce idling time and boost the productivity, you can track the place from your workplace if a car is stopped for a very long duration. It’s possible to quickly handle the situation by calling the driver, determine what is happening, and assist them to proceed whenever possible.

5. Cost-Effective

Cost-effective is a type of returning an advantage that warrants the investment. SIM consent alternative is really a cheap procedure of monitoring, It can help to conserve our cash in 3 distinct ways.

By employing SIM-based monitoring you’ll be able to stay away from apparatus cost and installation price in a company, which can help you save money.

This SIM-based monitoring application supports all kinds of cellular phones. Even fundamental cellular phones operate with SIM baked monitoring. This alternative also supports all of the telecom operators in India.

By using basic cellular phones or some other telecom operators That’s affordable may Allow You to Lower Your operational costs for your organization.

The fees are prepaid and you’re able to cover the day once the service is utilized. No demand for yearly or quarterly duration payments such as formerly employed for GPS Vehicle monitoring solution even when services aren’t employed.

The way to get a SIM-based monitoring solution in FleetOS

SIM-based monitoring solution works with the assistance of a driver’s cell phone it may be fundamental or smartphones.

  • Start your own SIM permission solution by going into the driver’s phone number.
  • The motorist should take the monitoring request message from the telecom supplier.
  • Once approved, the merchandise supplier or fleet operator can begin monitoring the merchandise for each 1 hour/2 hour according to requirement.
  • The monitoring data will be saved and viewed in the FleetOS program.

Track your automobile or advantage in real-time with our SIM-based monitoring solution from the FleetOS program. Standard monitoring requirements for logistics are all satisfied with this SIM-based monitoring solution, then why you want GPS?

Consider it!

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