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Dressing up for success – the mantra of choosing the right restaurant uniforms

A guide for the idiots stepping in the restaurant setup for the first time

Believe it or not, but running a restaurant is one heck of a job. It requires patience, commitment, and dedication upfront. Needless to say, but it is not a one-man job. As a matter of fact, the entire staff should be given equal credit because they are the ones looking after the services, preparing food, and communicating with the customers.

But marketing studies and research shows something different. In recent times, new restaurants are notoriously famous for an increased rate of failure, suggesting that restaurants don’t even survive 12 months, and face stiff competition in the market.

Another marketing study denotes that 26% of the restaurants shut down their services in their first year while a large number of restaurants don’t survive for even two and three years. Yes, restaurant owners get all the resources they need, but even the brightest minds fail to conquer sometimes.

Having said that, we have cracked the code of turning your restaurant business into a potential customer hub. You can be the apple of the eye if you implement concise strategies that help you uplift your business.

Employee uniforms – the potential game-changer that many restaurants fail to understand holds a great deal of significance in the restaurant market. And while many of you may find this surprising, but it can be driving force that you as a business owner were lacking.

When your business is not earning sufficient revenue, thinking about uniforms may seem a little out of the blue and an expense that you are unwilling to afford. But it’s the difference in the strategy that will help you get back to the customers.

But that being said, custom waitstaff uniforms do prove their worth and compensate for the expense incurred in opening up the restaurant, and if you follow the procedure wisely, you will not go astray.

Restaurants can improve your business profit

Let us take things forward. In retrospect, who would you rather have cooking your food? A proper chef wearing a proper uniform or an amateur chef wearing casual clothing and not following any hygiene practices whatsoever?

I’m absolutely sure that your answer would be the first one because cleanliness and keeping things simple is the core fashion of chef these days. They tend to keep things simple while maintaining all the hygiene standards.

Also, the power of uniforms draws the conclusion that restaurant uniforms are the best in the restaurant world. Uniforms are so powerful in the food chain industry that even research studies show it’s prominent. But more about that later.

You may wonder why we are emphasizing on the need for uniforms. Well, they provide a lot of benefits. Some of them are as follows.

  • Your customers will find your restaurant more serious and uplifting than the restaurant having a casual setting.
  • Your customers will find your uniformed staff more promising than the restaurant staff having casual clothing.
  • Your customers can easily distinguish between a customer and a staff which is not possible in a restaurant with casual dressing.
  • The staff that wear embroidered uniforms are representing the restaurant’s identity and theme which the customers find interesting. Food is not the only experience they should get. They should also be able to relate to the story which is not possible in a casual dining restaurant.
  • Employees are more resourceful, more interesting, and more presentable in uniforms. It shows that you are maintaining high standards and your staff is skilled enough to deal with any problems. This process becomes a challenge in casual-themed restaurants where the staff are not properly trained.

All these factors contribute to the success of your restaurant. These factors and traits are exemplary and have been revolving around all these years.

The most common types of restaurant uniforms

  1. Aprons

An apron is a type of garment which many people use in different industries, but typically it has been designed for chef and staff working in the food chain sector. The most common type of apron available in the market is the bib apron which you basically tie around your neck and waist.

It covers the entire front area and normally has side pockets to store your accessories and important items. Nowadays, it is mandatory to wear aprons while preparing food in restaurants, cafes, diners, and even bistros.

  1. Dress shirts

Worn by staff and management in high-end restaurants, you can wear them as formal or as casual, the choice is entirely yours. These restaurant dress shirts are buttoned and collared and give you a superb fit while proving to be a comfortable partner in tedious work hours.

Many restaurants choose dress shirts over polo shirts because they are designed elegantly and creates an impression among the customers.

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