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Do Roof Heat Proofing Services Actually Work?

The roof heat proofing services in Karachi are taking up the pace with a surprising speed. As this city faces extreme hot temperatures during the summers, the homeowners become desperate to find ways of keeping their rooms cool and bearable during heat waves. In these dire times, many find themselves asking this question, do roof heat proofing really work? The answer to this question is a big fat, yes!

Role of Heat Proofing in Pakistan

In Pakistan, heat proofing is usually implemented with the help of a roof-resistive solution. It involves the application of reflective paint, which covers the exterior of the roof. The main goals of this anti-heat system are:

-Reflect heat rays that get absorbed into the surface otherwise.

-Reduce the temperature of the roof by elevating the resistivity index of concrete slabs.

As this technology dramatically decreases the temperature of the house exterior, the chemicals used are known as roof cool paints. If this is not enough proof of the efficiency of heat proofing services, continue reading.

#1 Efficient reduction of temperature

The temperature of your property spikes because the roof absorbs the heat falling on it through the sun. During summers, the days are comparatively longer than the nights. That means the top of your house is under the heat of the raging sun for a substantial amount of time. Along with that, the humidity of the city aggravates the feel of the weather during the monsoon season.

When you protect the roof of your house with a heat proofing solution, it mitigates the excess absorption of sun rays into the material. As a result, the temperature of your rooms stays cool and protected from the heat waves. Concrete is usually the material used to construct residential and commercial buildings in Karachi. This constituent features high absorption rates, that is why homes are evidently warmer in the city. With heat-resistive methods, you can enjoy a cool house throughout the summers.

#2 Seamless energy consumption

During heat waves, homeowners have no choice, but to turn off their air conditioners and air coolers to maintain a bearable room temperature. As a consequence, the utility bills of the homes drastically increase. This is a catch that not many people can afford in Pakistan. It is the reason why technologies like roof heat proofing, are being acknowledged as a proficient way to maintain a steady and favourable temperature in the rooms. On top of that, you can achieve this without feeling the need for using air conditioning units.

#3 Convenient lifestyle

People who live on the top floor of their building with the roof directly on their heads suffer the most during summers. As the concrete absorbs the heat waves directly, the temperatures rise in the rooms, making it hard for the homeowners to continue their daily routine.  Experts suggest that you opt for a heat-resistive solution to reduce the seepage of heat into your rooms through the roof. It helps exceptionally well when it comes to decreasing the temperature of your home.

These facts are sufficient to prove that every homeowner residing in Karachi needs roof heat proofing. Call universal services right now to enjoy excellent services at reasonable prices.


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