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Digital Marketing

Digital strategy

An overview of everything you want to do and want to accomplish on social media is a social media marketing strategy. It directs your behavior and informs you of your success or failure. Your plan will work better if it is more detailed. Keep it brief. Don’t set it so high and broad that it’s difficult to reach or quantify. Social networks are becoming increasingly important on a professional level and are gradually becoming essential tools in the digital strategy of companies. Only, they are more and more numerous. It can therefore be difficult to know which networks to choose and above all, for which uses.

A social media marketing strategy is what?

A social media plan is a written document that outlines your social media objectives, the strategies you’ll employ to accomplish them, and the metrics you’ll monitor to gauge your success.

List all of your planned and current social media accounts in your social media marketing strategy, along with goals tailored to each platform you use. These objectives must to be in line with your company’s overall digital marketing plan.

Finally, a solid social media strategy should specify your team’s duties and responsibilities as well as your reporting schedule.

Find out as much as you can about your audience

Construct audience personalities.

The key to success on social media is understanding your audience and what they want to see. You may then produce content that they will enjoy, engage with, and share. Additionally, it’s essential if you want to convert social media followers into paying clients for your company.

You should have knowledge on your target market’s age, location, and typical income, typical industry or job title interests etc.

You can target and engage your fans, followers, and customers on social media by getting to know them as real people with real wants and needs to assemble data. Don’t assume anything. 



Instagram is arguably the trendiest social media right now. This is mainly based on sharing photos and short videos. It is of particular importance in the implementation of your digital strategy because it will allow potential customers to get a concrete image of your company. This means, for example, sharing photos reflecting the life of the company, the different manufacturing processes of your products, etc. You must offer attractive content to attract and then keep the attention of users, but this is not everything.

It is also necessary to set up real advertising campaigns, for example by collaborating with influencers and using hashtags wisely. The most important thing to remember about Instagram is the importance of image. Publishing long explanatory texts is useless. Choose quality shots that showcase your business.

Finally, remember to organize your digital strategy according to your target. If you want to reach the silver economy, Instagram should probably not be one of your priorities since it is mainly used by young people aged 16 to 25.


Facebook is a bit like the Swiss army knife of social networks, since it brings together a multitude of features on its own. Indeed, the social network allows you to post written publications, images, and even recent stories.

There is also a business Facebook page, through which you can interact with your customers and allow them to give their opinion on your products. The implementation of a digital strategy is based on an essential point: emotion.

If you manage to create emotions among your Internet users, you will suddenly increase your visibility. Use Facebook Live, for example, and communicate directly with your potential customers. As explained earlier, this network contains many features. Do not hesitate to put the odds on your side by using them optimally.

Finally, the last important aspect to consider on Facebook and other networks is the time of your publications. Indeed, many studies have shown that users connect at defined time slots according to their activities. However, the best niches may vary depending on your target audience. So it might be a good idea to experiment with multiple posting times to find the ones that have the most engagement. Although Facebook is somewhat losing ground among young people in particular, it remains the number 1 network. It must therefore be an integral part of your digital strategy.


Twitter is a social network quite different from Facebook or Instagram, but still retains considerable importance in digital marketing. If we had to sum up twitter in one word, it would be immediacy.

Indeed, it has a very strong link with direct news. It allows you to connect with any person in no time. As you probably know, effective communication requires collaboration with influencers. However, if it is on Instagram that these influencers will express themselves about your brand, it is on twitter that you have the best chance of establishing a first contact with them. There is really no barrier on this network, which allows everyone to communicate directly with everyone via direct messages or replies to tweets.

You also have the opportunity to interact directly with your customers. Very often, it is possible that the latter has questions, or things to say about your business. On twitter, you will have the possibility to answer quickly in a public or private way. Also, tweets collecting a large number of interactions are referenced by the google algorithm. By posting effective and relevant tweets, there is a good chance that you will increase traffic to your site.

Finally, regardless of the field in which you work, it is always necessary to innovate, to constantly improve. Thanks to its keyword search tool, you just have to type in the name of your business to see what people think of it. You can then make changes based on their feedback.

It is also possible to take a look at what is being done on the competition side, so as to stay in line with market trends.


LinkedIn probably needs no introduction. It is one of the essential networks in the professional world. The primary function of this network is obviously to maintain a link with your professional network. Your collaborators, your employees, your customers, as well as all the components of your professional environment are on LinkedIn. It would therefore be a shame to deprive yourself of it.

In addition, you have the opportunity to make new contacts, and flush out potential new collaborators. These features are essential, but LinkedIn also has another utility. Indeed, this network is an effective recruitment tool. It may allow you to find the new talent that will drive your business forward in the future.

Don’t post too frequently or seldom

If you’re developing a social media marketing plan from scratch, you might not yet know how frequently to publish content on each network to get the most engagement.

If you post too frequently, you run the danger of driving people away. However, if you post infrequently, you run the danger of appearing uninteresting to followers.

Start with the following advice on posting intervals:

Three to seven times per week on Instagram

Facebook: once or twice daily

Twitter: daily, 1-4 times

1–5 times each day on LinkedIn

Pro tip: Once you’ve created a calendar for your social media material, use a scheduling tool to create messages ahead of time rather than posting frequently during the day.

Hootsuite, in our biased opinion, is the best social networking platform.

scheduler. Every network may be scheduled for postings, and the user-friendly calendar view offers you a complete overview of your weekly social media activities.

To conclude, all social networks have their own role in digital marketing. The important thing is to choose them well according to the targets you want to hit.

A question ? A project ? We would be happy to discuss it with you! Do not hesitate to  contact our Digital marketing agency Lahore.


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