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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing agency in Pakistan

Trio Tec Digital. Is a professional Digital marketing agency in Pakistan. Trio Tec has been committed to providing customers with one-stop online marketing service solutions. Now it stands out in the industry, serving many domestic customers in education, home furnishing, fast-moving goods, clothing, e-commerce, IT, and other industries. Trio Tec Network opens up a new blue ocean of digital economy for customers with professional, refined, and comprehensive services.

Integrated marketing consulting, network media communication, mobile Internet promotion, network information technology, network marketing planning, entertainment promotion, e-commerce operation and promotion, brand image promotion, advocacy writing, event promotion, etc. Provide comprehensive and multi-level services such as Internet planning, marketing, and promotion.

digital marketing agency in pakistan

Search Engine Marketing


According to the search habits of potential customers, dig out keywords, and rationally lay out the official website or landing pages such as guide pages or press releases to improve the search engine experience, achieve top search engine rankings, and finally achieve traffic such as official websites or guide pages or press releases Growth and conversion rate increase. SEO spans different search engines, including Baidu, 360 searches, Google, Bing, Soso, Sogou, Yahoo, etc.


With the continuous growth of search engine users, SEM services are gradually transforming into product diversification, and search engines will gradually become the media with the highest segment coverage. SEM services include search engine marketing strategies, analysis of competitors and industry conditions, budget and placement strategy planning, placement plans and material creative preparation, and placement effect optimization and evaluation.

Precision marketing

In the context of big data, with the development of the mobile Internet and social media, the requirements for the segmentation of user groups and the use of fragmented time are getting higher and higher. After years of Internet marketing practices, Microdata Network has launched a precision network marketing one. A series of related products and services, based on the characteristics of each industry, combined with data analysis, carry out precise market positioning, personalizes customer marketing strategies, locks in the potential customers served by customers, and improves marketing effects.

Characteristics of precision marketing

  1. Precise market positioning
  2. Accurate data mining and analysis
  3. The all-round interactive communication system
  4. Monitor the effect of advertising from time to time and realize visual management
  5. Zero risk

SNS marketing

Including platforms To meet different marketing strategies of enterprises, effectively reduce the marketing costs of enterprises, and achieve precise marketing for target users, which is truly in line with network users Demand marketing method. Overseas social media marketing

Q&A Marketing

It belongs to the new type of SEMTIME interactive marketing method. It is one of the online marketing methods created by interactive marketing based on third-party word-of-mouth. The marketing method can not only interact with potential consumers but also implant business advertisements. It is for brand reputation and interactive marketing. One of the good marketing methods. Follow the question and answer rules of the Q&A site. Then use soft text cleverly to make your product reputation and service reputation embedded in the Q&A to achieve third-party reputation.

Opinion leader marketing

A means to enhance the reputation of a brand or product with the influence of celebrities, celebrities, and other opinion leaders; it has the characteristics of fast, efficient, and easy to gain trust;


Focusing on the needs of online commercial business construction and e-commerce project construction of medium and large enterprises, focusing on enterprise users in the core fast-moving consumer goods industry such as food, 3C, commercial real estate department stores, home improvement cabinets, etc., providing planning consultation, e-commerce information systems, applications, and ecosystem resources Provide comprehensive service guarantee.

Social media marketing

With the rapid development of network technology, the social network ecosystem has gradually improved and has spawned more and more new species. The powerful Facebook and Instagram, are constantly evolving and performing. Put forward new thinking challenges to brand marketing. How can we keep up with the times and make good use of social media as a marketing tool? Relying on its keen network insight and professional and reliable execution, Trio Tec Digital provides enterprises with a one-stop solution for social media marketing.

Online PR

Enhance brand awareness and reputation through multi-angle brand marketing to precise crowds

News marketing

The official authoritative voice shapes the image of the brand and expands the influence of the brand.

Public opinion monitoring

Integrate Internet information collection technology and information intelligent processing technology. Through the automatic capture of Internet massive information, automatic classification and clustering, topic detection, and topic focus, it can realize users’ information needs such as online public opinion monitoring and news topic tracking, forming briefings, reports, and charts And other analysis results, to provide customers with a comprehensive grasp of the dynamics of the masses’ thinking, make correct public opinion guidance, and provide analysis basis.

Trio Tec Digital. It is a Digital Marketing agency in Pakistan provider of information flow advertising that is deeply involved in the field of Facebook marketing, focusing on providing digital marketing services and solutions for domestic and foreign companies. The company has launched long-term cooperation with many listed companies.

The main business covers social media marketing consulting, web development, Domain and Hosting, SEO, product photography and refined operations, etc. With rich media resources, complete data analysis models, and precise advertising technology, it helps advertisers find shortcuts to Internet marketing.

Trio Tec Digital is a digital marketing agency in Pakistan that has self-operated resources in various channels to achieve affordable advertising and quick account opening. Hundreds of professional information flow optimizers have been registered on the platform to provide you with free online optimization and answer questions. One-click orders can be placed on the platform to achieve fast delivery and high-quality optimization.

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