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Different Types of Glass Decal Printing Singapore for Companies Today


Commonly referred to as ‘transfer’ or ‘adhesive label’, glass decal printing singapore is a feature that allows it to be transferred to another surface. The images here can be anything, but in the case of the company, it could be the company’s logo, name, slogan, or contact details, even if all transfers look the same in your eyes. But there are different types that can be used to benefit your business. They are there.

Ceramics – Obviously, this type of transfer can be applied to anything made of ceramics or terracotta. Chinese porcelain and stone are the main examples here. This adhesive label can be printed on porcelain, gold, or gloss without much effort.

Glass – Are there glasses for distribution? You can customize it to advertise your brand and contact information using this sticker printing. Most carriers say the transfer is a preferential purchase.

In Glaze – This color is mainly associated with under-glaze colors that appear to be perfected through the glaze firing temperature. If your company’s unique colors lean glass decal printing singapore towards the world palette, then you can take advantage of this type of masking tape. Common earth colors include blue, brown, black, terracotta red, and dark green. The advantage of this is that the prints will not fade when exposed to high temperatures.

Overview – This breed is often used for industrial or niche products as it comes in black or sepia only.

Metallic – includes iconic prints in shades of gold, silver, palladium, and painted metal. Can be used with ceramics, glass, and other types of surfaces. Do you sell rock star products? This is for you.

Pressure-sensitive – Labels in this category are tacky and perfect for customizing your commercial vehicle. It can be in the form of bumper stickers, nameplates, and trailer decorations.

Rubbing – also known as a stain sticker, named after the method used. First, you need to turn it over: with the printed side on the surface to be decorated. Then rub the back with a spoon and remove the transfer paper.

Irons – While the rubbing type can be transferred to most surfaces, of course, these types of irons can be transferred to T-shirts by ironing. This is best for customizing shirts that your salesperson or salesperson will wear at promotional events. It is also possible to distribute these tops to the attendees of the event.

Static Cling – A transfer on the windshield is called a static cling. Capture the electrostatic energy in this part of the car. Surveys show that when it gets dirty or is pulled at the edges, it will no longer stick.

Organic – This sticker print is the choice of companies selling green products. Companies that support environmental awareness are also looking for these tacky labels. The makeup is non-toxic and lead-free. Can be safely used on any surface that supports food. For example, a souvenir cup, a snack tray, or a miniature bowl for food.

Printing and Sticking Light Film

Window film is the most diverse print category, with a large number of decorative, information and marketing materials installed in homes, offices, shops, and car windows. By custom printing window coverings, people can use window coverings for a variety of purposes.

Window frames find many uses in our daily life. Whether it’s glass door signs, shop window signs, off-season announcements or Christmas sales, newcomer promotions, new product or business announcements, and more, window stickers provide an attractive printing solution. Interested and worthwhile to us

A wide range of applications demonstrates a wide range of shapes and sizes for custom tint films. The two most commonly used materials for adhesive tape printing are vinyl and paper. Each material has its own advantages and uses. For example, vinyl is a strong, waterproof, and weather-resistant material that is perfect for long-lasting outdoor window clamps. Paper, on the other hand, is an inexpensive, easy-to-remove, and eco-friendly material that is ideal for short-lived announcements.

For example, if you plan to print a sign with a glass front door or a sign for a glass wall divider, you need a durable print option that won’t wear out in a matter of weeks. In such cases, colored or clear vinyl window stickers are good choices. However, if you want to advertise for sale or to promote a newbie, this is a very short announcement that you don’t want to hold long. Here you need an easy to remove and easy to degrade window film cut from paper.

Optical films also differ in their adhesion properties. The vinyl cutters have a thin chemical adhesive film covered with a protective backing. We have to peel off the cover so that the chemical glue will come in contact with it before we can stick the sticker on the window. The built-in optical film will use a fixed adhesive for installation.

These are often cut from thin plastic film and are very easy to install and remove. Where vinyl stickers are more durable and more durable, they are difficult to remove, and once installed they cannot be reused. Bonds, on the other hand, remain less strong and perform better for indoor applications. But can be removed and reused

Custom window-mount printing is done by many printers. However, before you go to the print shop and place an order, you should carefully consider the nature of your announcement and placement options to select the most suitable window film for you. Please note that not every outdoor notice requires a vinyl decal. Likewise, every household with static electricity doesn’t need to cut paper in the house.

The amount of time you want the film to remain intact is an important determining factor – parallel to position – which material is right for you. Many outdoor announcements are short-lived, and you can’t attach semi-permanent vinyl strips to windows. Likewise, durable adhesion is not required for durable vinyl. On the other hand, for many long-term indoor applications, thin plastic fixed adhesives do equally well.

Regardless of the material or adhesive properties, both interior and exterior clinker must be beautiful and elegant to convey the message effectively. When designing a tint film is a creative work, quality prints are equally demanding, where a reasonably good and well-equipped printer must be chosen. Many designs require services such as die-cutting, grading, embossing, etching, and more, not all companies provide printing services.

Even with your logo prepared in different hands, choose a printing company that offers all these services under one roof. Likewise, many small businesses use substandard inks and printing supplies that negate the complexity of your design. In some cases, the color of the printed static tape is very different from the sample on the computer screen. To avoid such discrepancies, you should find a reliable and reputable printer to print your tint film.

An easier way to find a print shop is to search online. Many online companies provide quality printing while also providing you with creative design templates and past samples. The range of services provided and the associated charges can be tracked online to give you a reasonable estimate.

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