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Different methods of applying foundations

If we’ve learned anything from applying makeup for years is that there’s not single way to apply it. When it applies to liquid foundations we are prone to explore different ways of applying it. Here are the top five methods of applying it to the best results for) the type of skin you have, and b) the amount of coverage you like. If your foundation is flawless it will look great on your other makeup will look great too.

On this page, we will be providing different methods for applying foundations. Foundations for many can be difficult because of the many brushes and tools on the market. Many aren’t sure what to do with foundation. Most of the time, online bloggers advice many various things. When we visit shops, other people offer different advice. It is often difficult to have any idea what we should do. In the same way, we all utilize our hands to apply foundation. This blog provides additional information about the various brushes on the market and the best way to use them.

FIrstly, apply balms on the lips. For those with chapped lips, you need to prepare their lips with the use of a lip balm prior to applying makeup. Lip balms will nourish your lips since when we apply liquid lipsticks it can dry out your lips. If you already have dry, chapped lips and swollen, the lip balm will stay on and be removed. The most important thing to do for people with dry lips is to apply a toothbrush using vaseline. Take a few minutes and lightly scrub the lips.

Do not use the same toothbrush you use every day, but keep an additional one. Use it to scrub your entire lips using it. This is essential since it can increase blood flow and reduce the dry patches on your lips. Do not scrub too hard. Make sure to gently rub the area in circular motion. It instantly reduces the dry patches that appear on the lips. After cleaning it off, apply some lip balm and let it for a few minutes. After applying the balm on the lips, the lips become soft.

It is possible to use any lip balm you like. We don’t recommend any lip balms that contain mineral oils in the formulation. We prefer lip balms that contain Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter. Lip balms containing these ingredients are superior. There are many the pigmentation of the lips. If you are a frequent outer such as office workers, school or college students with lip pigmentation may scrub their lips, and apply lip balms with SPF. Then you will be able to get rid of the appearance of pigmentation. Also, if you exfoliate frequently, it improves the blood circulation and reduces the pigmentation.

Make sure to use a lipstick that is one shade darker than the lipstick we complete the look. When you apply the balm to your lips let it sit for a couple of minutes. Clean it off as it’s extremely silky and oily. After wiping off, you could apply our lipstick. Next, mute out your lips colour. There are many ways to muffle your lips. It is possible to use the concealer and foundation. You can use any amount. Be careful not to consume too much. Apply some foundation it over your lips.

It will hide the natural coloration of our lips and fade out. Then, using an eyeliner, line the entire lips using an Metallic rouge lipstick. This will give you an effect that is 3D. If you’re wearing the lipstick that is a deep red instead of lipstick with red lines, choose the current colour or purple. The deep color will define the lip’s border the lips, and provide an excellent effect when it is it is filled. It shouldn’t be dark but it must be an actual plum colour or a current one that is a complementary tone to deep red.

When you’ve drawn your line choose a burgundy shade which complements the lipstick. Using this lip liner, cover the entire lips. The colour should be overlapping with the line that you made, then it should blend in. The next step is to apply an liquid lipstick. You can purchase any liquid lipstick brand you prefer. If you do not have metallic red, you can choose normal red in addition to this. If you employ this kind of method, you’ll get an appealing look. Also, this is Metallic red, but you could use any red you want.

After filling in, apply the lipstick liner, which is a plum purple color and simply go around. First, let for the lip liner to completely dry. After drying, you can use this method using your lip liner. The lip liner should just move it around while mixing it. Thus, we have an ethereal look rather than a flat appearance. We get a ombre colour. It is a type of look that appears to changing from one color to the next hue. This is the effect we have in our lipsticks. The lipstick is Metallic which is a delicate metallic.

This is not the most shimmery metallic, but a lovely shimmering metallic. This kind of lipstick can look gorgeous with a beautiful Kancheepuram sarees or ethnic attire to wear for a wedding. Metallic red lipsticks are always beautiful to add a touch of ethnicity. It can also look great with western clothing as well. You can wear it both in the morning or evening. There are no limits on the use of it. If you apply a basic eye makeup using this lipstick, it will be no issue because the most noticeable aspect will be your lips color.

You should definitely test this lipstick. It’s easy to use and looks great to every skin tone, regardless of whether it’s fair dark, medium or fair. Red is for everyone and makes everyone look stunning. Try it.

Foundations are the basis (pun implied) of every makeup appearance. The way you apply your foundation will determine the coverage, finish and overall uniformity of your appearance. Foundation can be applied in many different ways and determine which method is most suitable for your skin. Below are the different ways to put on to your foundation…


Applying foundation with fingers is among the most widely used ways to apply foundation. Fingers can provide a smooth, light coverage and aid in blending the product effortlessly into skin. Begin with a tiny amount of foundation, apply it across your face, mix then gently press it onto your skin. Opt for this technique if you’re in a hurry and need simple, easy makeup appearance.

Stippling brush

Stippling brush is a great tool to apply foundation–especially if it’s liquid. Apply the foundation on your face using the stippling tool in gentle circular motions, to mix it evenly. Stippling brushes come with two fibers, which help to give your foundation a flawless and even finish.

Beauty Blender Sponge

A damp beauty blender will help absorb the foundation into the skin. The shape of the beauty blender (shaped as an egg) assists in the mixing of the product in areas like the hairline under eyes , etc. Very easy. Be sure not to drag the blender onto your skin. Instead simply bounce it gently off your skin, making sure that the product is well buffed into the skin.

Flat foundation brush

With the foundation brush that is flat use a flat foundation brush to apply the foundation in downward strokes , spreading it over your neck and face. Then, you can make use of that same tool to apply the foundation a second time. Don’t skimp on the tapping process since it assists the foundation penetrate your skin and pores.

Powder brush

If you own foundation that has high coverage , and you want to achieve more natural-looking skin make use of a brush for applying. Apply the foundation to those areas on your face that you believe need the coverage (remember that a small amount can go far) and apply the brush with delicate downward movements. This will provide you with a complete coverage, almost like an emollient that is tinted. This will also eliminate any cakey or smudge-like finish.

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