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Customer Reviews & Important Questions for Screen Recorders!

Well, there are many other reasons why we recommend using IObit for screen recording. Firstly, the most convenient and one-step- solution screen recorder allows you to record high-quality video and audio for making tutorial videos. However, the unlimited recording time and freedom to record your screen area is also the major reason for using IObit. Hence, we have discussed the IObit using benefits in our other article.

You can check there for more info. Here we will share the previous users’ true reviews and the straightforward way to use this free screen recording tool. We will also try to clear your doubts by answering the most common questions asked by the users.

Customer Reviews For IObit Screen Recorder

  • Oliver Weston

I have used ISR to record some live videos on my Windows system. The video quality of the first video was far better than my expectations. Saving and sharing videos with my friends is also easy and quick. I will definitely rate five stars to this brilliant app.

  • Jacob Hilton

A big thanks to this all-in-one screen recording tool which has solved all my recording issues. Now I can take screenshots and edit the diverse captions of my videos. I have created a number of videos in HD quality format and shared them on my Instagram account. Believe me; I have got a massive positive and encouraging response.  The free screen recorder has helped me to grow my business.

  • Noah

I have to record screens on a regular basis because of my job’s demand. I have used plenty of tools, both paid and unpaid, for this task. But my search ends with ISR. I highly recommend it to make HD quality videos with ease. The most wonderful thing liked by me is its straightforward offer for editing the video’s quality size and format.

Screen Recording Process

As we mentioned several times that IObit is the most convenient tool to use for screen recording. If you have any doubt about its straightforward process, then have a look at the below-given steps.

  • Download IObit

It never matters if you are using Windows operating system, MAC, or IOS device; IObit is compatible with all of them. You have to simply open your default browser and google for IObit. Download it from its official link and install the tool on your device.

  • Start recording

No need to register yourself to use IObit. Simply open the homepage of the tool and configure the video settings as per your requirements. At homepage, you will find a button named “REC.” hit the REC button and start recording your screen. You can try using hotkeys to take screenshots and to pause or end the video. The tool allows an individual to edit your recorded videos.


  1. How to add audio while screen recording?

However, it is difficult to achieve clear and crisp audio while screen recording by using regular apps. But if you are using IObit, then simply turn on the Audio input option. Also, turn on the microphone video recording to ensure the eternal audio collection.

  1. Is it possible to record a webcam and screen at the same time?

No, IObit or any other screen recording app doesn’t allow to record webcam and screen at one go. If you have to make tutorial videos by using both webcam and screen, you can record them separately and merge them with the IObit video editor’s help.

  1. Can I record the screen on YouTube or Netflix?

It is totally illegal to record copyright videos. Netflix and YouTube both prohibit screen capture. We will not suggest you go for this illegal task, as you may be stuck in some serious problem.

Final Thoughts

I hope now you don’t have any doubt about using IObit free online screen recorder. Apart from the tutorial videos or any other presentation, you can also record the gaming screen with the help of this easy-to-use screen recording tool.

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