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Create Memorable Experiences with Sailing Charters in Malta

Malta is a small archipelago in Southern Europe, sitting between Sicily and the North African coast. The island has a rich history and culture, making it a popular destination for tourists worldwide. It has hosted the the Knights of St. John, the British Empire, Napoleon, and the Phoenicians.

If you’re planning to visit Malta, the sea offers one of the best ways to experience these beautiful islands. Sailing charters in Malta are ideal for families, couples, teams, or friends who want to explore caves, lagoons, alluring marine life, and the blue waters.

Bespoke Yacht Chartering Services

When it comes to sailing the Maltese waters, you can pick your preferred boat or yacht rental service. Each service is tailored to address your unique needs and make the experience as memorable and fun as possible.

For example, pick the evening cruise to enjoy the sunset with your loved ones or friends. Day or multi-day charter is ideal for sailing, snorkeling, and swimming. For large groups, a flotilla charter allows you to explore lagoons and harbors together.

Yachts for Any Occasion

Sailing Charters Malta allow you to pick your desired yacht depending on your occasion, activity, and number of people. Most yachts accommodate about 4 to 30 people. For day charters or evening cruises, a 4-8-person yacht will be sufficient to enjoy the Maltese waters in style.

Most yachts offer 2 to 5 cabins for sleep and they come with all the essential amenities to simplify your sailing experience. You can savor a gourmet lunch on the deck and sail the picturesque bays and hidden coves with your friends or loved ones.

Enchanting Destinations

With your yacht, you can experience memorable moments around the Maltese islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino.

Malta is the largest of the three islands, and it offers a host of fishing villages and breathtaking sea views with dramatic cliffs. There are also watch towers along the coast to enjoy stunning views of Comino and Gozo.

Gozo is the second-largest island and a perfect spot for romantic walks. Life here is slow and tranquil, making it an ideal spot to relax after your sailing. Its rugged landscape and elegant coastline with cliffs make it great for those looking for a rural experience.

Comino lies between Malta and Gozo and is the third-largest island. It’s another perfect spot if you’re taking a Malta yacht charter. The island is popular for snorkeling and swimming, one of the reasons it tends to be quite busy during the summer months.

Explore the Maltese Islands

The Maltese islands offer a perfect retreat for a truly memorable sailing experience. Whether you’re planning a romantic, family, or team-building trip, there’s more to explore in this Southern Europe archipelago.

Getting a yacht charter or boat for hire is the best way to explore the islands and enjoy their rich history and culture. At Sailing Charters Malta, we offer personalized chartering services and a varied fleet for a memorable experience. Contact us today for a private sailing charter.

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