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CMS plugins for web development company in 2021

 For a better experience for its users, WordPress offers a large variety of plugins.


CMS refers to the Content Management System, which is popular with web development services. A CMS is a software that has made web development, content creation, modification, and much more. The most exciting part is that it offers it all without any need for complex programming languages. In short, not that every layperson can produce expert-level websites; however, it has made it a bit comprehensible. For web development, you have to install a core CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others. After you install your CMS, you must add plugins for web development. These plugins act as add-ons and add new different features to your website.

WordPress has been adopted by all the digital marketing agencies, and now, it accounts for about 35% of the website. Such as Navicosoft has a dedicated team for WordPress web development. For a better experience for its users, WordPress offers a large variety of plugins. Whether a newbie or an expert WordPress developer, one must have enough knowledge of plugins. The digital world is innovating so fast, so does the web development trend and the WordPress plugin directory. Currently, WordPress offers about 57,000 plugins, and it is totally fine if you don’t know what to choose from the plugins for web development. Using the right type of plugins helps you improve the progress of the website/ blog.

Before we discuss the list of some of the must-have plugins in 2021, you must know that plugins may be free or paid. There is no general rule about either the free plugins are better or the paid ones. This was because the web developers of free plugins seldomly provided support to the users. Though, there are various free plugins that are popular for their best services, such as Yoast SEO, WP Super Cache, and others. However, it is also not guaranteed that paid plugins would run smoothly. So, you must watch out before you check out! Moreover, you can get the plugins for web development either from Google search or from WPBeginner’s plugins category. Some of these plugins include the following.

WP Fast LoaderIn today’s a busy world, speed is the new key. When everything has been set online, a website’s loading speed is of great importance. According to some calculations, you may lose all your visitors if your website took more than 3 seconds to load, and you can witness a 2% increase with every one-second improvement in your website loading speed. If you are also struggling with your WordPress website’s speed, you need WP Fast Loader. WP Fast Loader is among the plugins for web development that improves the website loading speed.

  1. Jetpack 

The digital world’s advancement has given way to hackers to sneak into websites and steal sensitive information. For every 39 seconds, there has been a hacking attack that calls for proper protection of your WordPress websites. Jetpack WordPress plugin has brought you the solution by offering you malware protection, activity logs, and backups. In addition to protection, it also offers SEO advantages and adds social media sharing buttons to your website.

  1. MonsterInsight 

MonsterInsight is one of the most popular plugins for web development, with more than 1.9 Million users. It is a plugin to link your website with Google Analytics and helps you grow your website traffic by enabling various analytics features. Enabling the MonsterInsights plugin will enable you to view all the analytics on your WordPress dashboard, and you won’t need to log in to your analytic profile.

  1.  OptinMonster

Digital marketing is all about generating digital traffic, leads, and conversions. WordPress has solved even the biggest problem for you with the OptinMonster plugin. It helps you generate your leads and conversions. It makes your website user-friendly by offering a floating bar, welcoming screen, lightbox popups, and much more.

Navicosoft keeps a keen eye on all the trends and updates and provides you the best services as a web development company.


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