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Choosing an Arborist In Albuquerque for Tree Trimming

Trimming a tree, especially a big one, requires observing several safety rules and taking accurate measurements. A wrong calculation can lead to the destruction of properties, damage to the tree itself or even loss of lives. So, you are better off leaving service like this to an arborist.

An Arborist is skilled, trained, and certified in the art of tree felling and trimming. In Albuquerque, there are several Arborists, which makes choosing one a heck of a task.

However, we discuss a few steps below to help you choose a tree service company/arborist. You’ll also learn about the qualities this company should have before you hire them.

6 Steps to Choosing an Arborist in Albuquerque

Ask for Referrals

Start by gathering details of several arborists around you. Reading reviews online is one way to do this.

Several online review platforms give details about tree felling services. However, companies sponsor some of these reviews in their favor. So, ensure you read a review from an authoritative site that promotes transparency.

Another way to gather details of arborists is to ask for referrals from local businesses. They are likely to have useful contacts.

Some of your friends and family members may have used an arborist before. So, they might be able to provide some contacts for you.

Interview at least three Arborists

You want to get the best services, so ensure you take the time to learn about the arborists on your list. You can get on a 5 minutes call with the contacts you have. Ask about their equipment, insurance, and service packages.

Also, ask questions about their experience level with the type of trees you have and how long they’ve been working with them.

Another thing you should check is how they respond to questions. Professional arborists will be willing to break down details and answer every question you might have.

Check Certifications and Insurance

An arborist must complete a training program before getting certified. These programs include training in proper pruning techniques and knowledge of diseases that affect trees such as oak wilt or Dutch elm disease (DED). Certification also means that the arborist has passed an exam administered by a national organization such as The Arbor Day Foundation or the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). You can click on to read more about certification in Arboriculture.

Check Insurance Coverage

In addition to asking about certification, ensure the professional has liability insurance coverage up to $1 million per incident. This will protect you if something goes wrong while they work on your property.

If possible, try finding someone who has professional liability insurance with worker’s compensation coverage of at least $50K per incident. This way, both parties will be covered financially if anything happens while working on your property.

Consider their Reputation

When you’re shopping for tree trimmers, consider their reputation. You don’t want to hire someone with a history of past crimes or scandals. So, ask them for references from their past clients.

Also, look into reviews online. They are likely to show if a company has poor ratings and reputation.

Another step will be to look at the company’s website—do they seem professional? Do they have a list of previous clients who were happy with their services?

Review the Services Provided

Some companies will only provide tree trimming, while others will offer other types of services in addition to that. For example, some companies may offer to prune together with fertilization services.

You can learn more about the arborist’s services from their website. Also, you can call them and ask about it.

Another thing you should check while reviewing their services is how long they’ve stayed in business. Confirm that they have quality experience working on the job you want to hire them for.

Discuss Pricing and Payment Options

After your research and findings, compare the prices of the different arborists you’ve contacted. Although the price might be competitive and be around the same range, you’ll find one that is relatively cheaper than the others.

While the cost of service should not solely determine your choice note that good quality services are often expensive. However, you should also try to find the best deal.


You should consider a few things before you choose who will trim your trees. These include pricing and value for money. You should also check out their certifications and insurance before hiring them. This way, you are covered in the event of an accident.

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