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Choosing a Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy is a specialized area of health care and as such there are many physiotherapy clinics in Singapore that cater to the needs of patients with injuries or illnesses. These clinics are dedicated to providing patients with the best level of care with regard to their particular injuries. Some of the most common injuries treated at physiotherapy clinics in Singapore include frozen shoulder, neck pain, shoulder pain, foot arthritis, tendonitis, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder bursitis, and joint diseases.

Most of these clinics offer a wide range of services, including massage therapy, manual lymph drainage, chiropractic manipulative therapy, exercise, nutritional advice, speech therapy, and physical education. In addition, they also offer counseling services in the form of lectures, one on one sessions, and group therapies. Each patient is encouraged to take advantage of the services offered by the physiotherapist at their disposal. As well, some clinics offer aftercare services for patients.

The ideal time to schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist is either before your illness begins or just after your first visit with the clinic. During the initial consultation, the physiotherapist will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for physiotherapy. Depending on your condition, the doctor at the clinic will evaluate your injury or illness and recommend which physiotherapy technique would be best for you. For instance, some injuries can be treated using only manual techniques, whereas others may require more extensive manipulation or exercises.

Once a treatment is recommended, the physiotherapist will likely recommend another centre for further care. For this reason, it’s important to thoroughly check out the facilities and services provided at any centre before making a final decision. The quality of the services provided at such a clinic should be at par with those of other well-established clinics with the same practice. In addition, you can contact the physiotherapists directly to ask questions or set up face-to-face consultations. You can also search online for forums and personal web pages where physiotherapists from various clinics and hospitals can share their experiences.

It is important to check the credentials and professional conduct of the physiotherapist at the clinic before starting a physiotherapy treatment. Many institutes and centres offering physiotherapy treatment have come under fire for supposedly dangerous and ineffective treatments and results. For this reason, it is necessary to check out the credentials of the physiotherapist. You can do so by looking up their professional associations and certifications, read feedback from patients, or contact the relevant regulatory body.

Most physiotherapy clinics have a wide range of equipment, but it is up to you to decide which is most suitable for your treatment. Some clinics offer customized equipment, in order to better address the physical needs of each patient. For instance, some clinics offer machines that allow the therapist to stretch and pull, and these machines are becoming more popular with physical therapy practitioners. Alternatively, some clinics offer chairs that simulate a workout position, allowing the therapist to treat patients in different positions and add therapeutic effect.

The cost of treatment can vary greatly between clinics, depending on the type of services offered, the experience of the staff and the equipment used. However, all physiotherapy clinics should offer some kind of payment arrangement, either as a flat rate or through a credit facility. Ideally, you should be able to pay the physiotherapist directly, or have the payment come out of your medical insurance. In cases where the clinic doesn’t accept your medical insurance, there may be some options available to cover the cost of the treatment. Some clinics offer financing options that can help you pay off the balance over time, or allow you to make monthly payments.

Finally, you should make sure the physiotherapy clinic has proper accreditation. It is possible to find this information on the website, or through the Better Business Bureau in your area. If the clinic has been cited or found to be in violation of any state or federal laws, then it should be obvious that you would prefer to work with them.

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