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Challenges Faced by an In-house Data Entry Team

Challenges Faced by an In-house Data Entry Team

Data entry, for a long time now, has been one of the most daunting tasks to handle in almost every organization. This is why today many businesses hire a data entry company to help them out, which is still better than how it used to be before. Tons of paperwork, big bundles of files just catching dust and the effort one had to make to maintain these physical data was quite overwhelming too.

With data entry and the coming of digitalization, it has become relatively easier. But this in no sense means that there aren’t challenges. If you are one of the few businesses that own an in-house data entry team instead of getting outsource data entry services, you probably know what these challenges are.

On the other hand, if you are someone still deciding between the two options, you must be aware of these possible challenges.

Find the major challenges faced by an in-house data entry team below:

  • A lot of Time and Effort Wasted

Time is and always be the biggest asset of all. And without hiring a data entry outsourcing company to help you out, you are only wasting time. Data entry, no matter how big or small your business is, takes too much time and effort.

Getting all different sorts of data from images, written content, etc. will naturally consume a lot of time even if you do it as fast as you can.

When you avail of outsource data entry services, you are ensuring that your team has a fair amount of time to work on other priority tasks. In-house data entry job can get hectic and also eventually affect the overall work productivity.

  • Increased Rate of Errors

Further, when your in-house team burdened with different tasks, carry out data entry, they could make a lot of errors. Either due to lack of focus or because they are not professional enough for the job. But a data entry outsourcing company is dedicated to this particular service and therefore offers accurate results.

Yes, anyone can make basic errors that can eventually change the result but it is less likely to happen with independent data entry services. You surely wouldn’t want to assign too much work to your employees only to get inaccurate result sat the end that could impact the relationship with your customers.

  • Turnaround Time is Slower

Another common challenge that comes with an in-house data entry team is slow turnaround time. You won’t realise how it could affect your business until there are a lot of complicated data entries to be done within a limited time. While managing data entry along with other business’s task can slow down both the work.

But not with outsourcing data entry services. They are a full-fledged team of professional data entry experts who have the resources and manpower to work on your data entry operations effectively and quickly providing you with an impressive turnaround time as well. Depending on your project, they will assign the tasks to the number of experts needed to work on it.

  • Quality is Compromised

Many organizations make the basic mistake of focusing on big piles of data instead of quality. Maintaining quality data must be the priority of all businesses. When the big bundles of data are piled up, it becomes harder for the in-house team to ensure quality with limited time and resources.

A reliable data entry company, however, will always have quality as the main factor to be considered. They will, regardless of the data size, use necessary tools to achieve only high-quality results with complete accuracy. They will make the huge volume of data into different sections of the required information.

  • Distraction from the Main Work

Lastly, without a data entry company to take care of your data entry projects is difficult. Even your employees could find it difficult to manage their work. Data entry is a tedious and extremely time-consuming job that prevents them from investing their time and effort in other business activities.

The more they get caught up with data entry, the difficult it gets to bring optimum overall results.

By overwhelming your team with lots of data entry operations along with the ongoing business tasks. You are keeping them distracted from the core business goal. Hence, the smarter thing to do is to let them handle their main work and hire a data entry outsourcing company.


These above-given challenges are the standard issues that most companies face. And your organizations could have some other problems of their own too. This is why without a delay you need trustworthy outsource data entry services to assist you. In case, you haven’t found anyone for the same yet, visit Computyne. They are an experienced data entry service provider with a wide range of data entry and processing services to offer.

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