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Chalet designs for all styles

The Resin Bonded Slab Company

Who does not dream of escaping to the chalet? Whether you want to rent one for the holidays, renovate your own chalet or even build a brand new one, get inspired by these different chalet designs! There is something for everyone: the classic log cabin, the daring Scandinavian style, the micro-chalet, and much more! Determine which chalet-style suits you best!

The Scandinavian chalet, for design enthusiasts

Often described as minimalist, the Scandinavian style aims to return to basics by highlighting the building’s primary functions. Today, it is as much present in architecture as in interior decoration. For a successful Nordic-style chalet, we prioritize the use of wood, neutral colors (black, pale wood, and white), and simple shapes. The same principle applies to the interior where there is a prominence of white, wool, or faux fur, as well as wood.

The most popular contemporary or modern chalet

By contemporary chalet design, we refer to any recent construction that respects the style of our time. Contrary to popular belief, when we talk about modern architecture, we are talking about the architecture that was born in response to the industrial revolution. Thus, the modern current encompasses as much the constructions of the popular architect Frank Lloyd Wright of 1935 as those of more recent ones such as the Sydney Opera House completed in 1973. On the other hand, in current usage, the terms contemporary and modern are both used in the meaning of recent construction.

Contemporary chalets are often similar to houses, that is, they keep the ornamentation simple and use both wood, stone or brick as exterior cladding. We also choose a hipped roof and large windows with various dimensions. For the interior, we prioritize an open concept, as well as materials with low environmental impact.

And just like at home, a modern bathroom is always a marker of comfort! Let yourself be charmed by our modern bathroom proposals for your next chalet!

The log cabin, a classic In UK

The log cabin or log cabin is of course characterized by the wooden beams necessary for its construction. This chalet design is the classic image that our imagination represents when we mention the Canadian chalet. Please note, if you want to build a log cabin, it should be noted that its energy consumption is 25% higher annually than construction with 10% openings (doors and windows). To compensate for this greater loss of energy and to ensure that your cottage is up to building code, you need to take steps, such as orienting windows north, better insulating foundations and ceilings, etc. It is better to consult an architect and use the services of a general contractor who specializes in the construction of log cabins to ensure compliance with the building code and minimize energy consumption.

For the log cabin, we offer beautiful lounges to gather around a fireplace!

The micro-chalet or mini-chalet, for the avant-grade

With the craze for a minimalist lifestyle and the cost of living steadily increasing, some owners are turning to mini-chalets. The cost of maintenance and construction is lower, and we return to the primary function of a chalet, namely to escape to enjoy nature. Whether its shape is cubic, pyramidal or rectangular, the only criterion of the micro-chalet is to keep only the essentials! The trend for this type of architecture leans towards abundant windows, in order to make the most of the surrounding nature.

For micro-chalets, we admire the management of space in order to make the division more ergonomic!

The mid-century chalet, a tribute to the 1970s

With a strong comeback in the world of design and architecture, the mid-century style arrives from our neighbors to the south, the United States. It was at its peak between 1945 and 1980. Chalets of this type are distinguished by their flat or very slightly sloped roof, large windows, and an open concept for the interior. We favor noble materials such as wood and natural fibers, then we select bright accent colors: green, yellow, orange, etc.

On the decor side, there is a ton of mid-century style furniture. They are often perched on small, tapering legs, have rounded angles.

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The cottage-style chalet, perfect for the lake

This style of the chalet is often seen on the edges of rivers, lakes, or ponds. Typical of the 1920s in England, these constructions are recognizable thanks to their small shuttered windows, often of the same size, and the simple appearance of the rectangular building. It is an unpretentious chalet reminiscent of the seaside or the countryside, rather than the forest.

What could be better than a good lunch in a kitchen with antique accents?

The chalet in the trees, for those with a child’s heart

Another possibility: the chalet perched in the trees! It reminds us of the huts of our childhood. There are many factors to consider in bringing this chalet design to life. For example, you have to choose the right species of tree, avoiding wood that is too brittle, such as poplar, aspen or walnut. It is also necessary to use fasteners that are both strong and will not damage the tree itself. We must consider the movement that the tree will perform with the wind. As this type of construction is very unusual and complex, it is better to call in specialists!

We have fun in the trees with the relaxed interiors of the chalets perched high in the trees!

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