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Can Your Shower Water make Your Hair Fall Out?

Are you too suffering from the same usual but most annoying problem of every woman “The Hair Fall”? If yes, then you too like everybody else would be cursing your hair products. But wait and think for a sec. Although the chemicals used in shampoos do cause hair fall, the most important thing that almost everyone misses out is that your shower water can also be the cause behind your falling hair.

The water has a great effect on our hair too, just like it affects our skin and our health. If you are using great quality water for washing your hair, then the condition of your hair would surely show it. But if your shower water is contaminated with toxins and bacteria, then it will only be left you with dull, thinner and weaker hair that will continue to fall out.

This article contains all the information about how and when your shower water starts to ruin your hair and make them fall out.

Taking a Really Hot Shower

Though warm water does not damage your hair, when you are taking shower with too much hot water that is unbearable for your hair then it might make you lost a lot of hair. The reason behind this is that when you pour hot water on your scalp, it opens up your pores completely and takes all the essential nutrients and scalp oil with it. this makes the hair brittle, dry dull and weaker that leads to their breakage.

The solution to this problem is that simply start washing your hair with cold water. But of course, you can’t do it in the winter. So, for this, wash your hair with lukewarm water and then rinse them off with cold water. Keep the cold water far enough from your scalp so that you won’t catch a cold.

Too Long Shower

If you are staying in the shower for too long then don’t. it can also be a reason behind your hair fall. Though it doesn’t cause the hair to fall out directly. But when your water is hitting your hair and your scalp for too long, it makes the hair and the cuticle to swell. And when your hairs and their cuticle are swollen, then you know what happens. It makes the strands weaker and causes more split ends that ultimately leads to hair fall.

Fungus Build in Showers

The most important thing that you won’t be noticing is the fungus that has been living in your showers for long. Long term exposure to mold can also be a great reason for hair loss. Water coming from the shower brings mold with it that makes your head its best habitat. This causes infections, skin allergies, dandruff that eventually leads to hair fall.

Apart from fungus, rust and corrosion in the shower can also damage your hair and make them fall off.

Hard Water Shower

Taking shower with hard water can be a leading cause of hair loss. Minerals like calcium, magnesium and different salts build up in the pores of your scalp that prevents any moisture from reaching the hair, thus making them dry, brittle, itchy and dull. Dryness eventually weakens the hair which leads to their breakage.

Using Well Water for Shower

If you are using well water for shower, then it might also cause your hair to fall out. The reason is that well water has a ten times greater chance of being hard. So, if that’s the problem then you can wash your hair with bottled mineral water.

The pressure of the Shower

If the water coming from the shower is holding too much pressure, and it is hitting your head with too much force, then it might damage your hair shaft, and will lead to the breakage of hair. Thus, causing your hair to fall off.


Hair is the most important part of our personality. It represents how healthy we are and how much we care for ourselves. So, if our shower water is the one thing that is ruining our overall personality, then we should really do something about it.

There are a lot of ways of fighting this problem. You can either use shower filters and use some good conditioners.

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