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Can a Small Bathroom Accommodate a Freestanding Bath?

Freestanding tubs are one of the most popular bathroom must-haves for every bathroom today.

This elegant fixture can turn any washroom into something out of a luxury magazine. And who wouldn’t want this kind of indulgence at home, especially when you need a much-needed relaxing bath? Even celebrities, like Kylie Jenner and Eva Longoria, have freestanding baths in their impressive bathrooms.

So, there’s no question why you would want to buy a freestanding bath.

But what if your bathroom has limited space? Can you still get that dreamy bath you want even when your bathroom is small?


Is it advisable for a small bathroom to have a freestanding bath?

Everyone wants to have a spacious bathroom where they can relax and indulge by soaking in a tub full of warm, scented water, with soft music playing in the background. And you might want to add a glass of wine to this picture. It’s the perfect scene of the simple pleasures in life.

Unfortunately, not all can have the ideal large bathroom with a beautifully designed freestanding tub in the middle.

But is it still possible to have a luxurious bathtub in a small bathroom?

The answer is yes. Thankfully, freestanding tubs come in many varieties today. There’s the usual five-foot-long tub and its smaller counterpart, only four-foot long.

Freestanding baths are usually considered the focal point in any bathroom, so they are almost always in the centre of the room. You can choose an elegant, vintage or modern one depending on your preference. There are simply no bounds when it comes to freestanding bath options today.

However, you can put a bathtub in a strategic place for a small bathroom to maximize the space and enjoy the luxury vibe it brings. The secret to making it work, apart from choosing a strategic location, is to buy a freestanding bath that is compact and has a flat bottom.

When you find the best type of freestanding tub for a small area, it will easily turn your bathroom into an aesthetic place of relaxation.


What’s the best freestanding bath for a small bathroom?

Now that you know you can have a freestanding bath in your small bathroom, the next thing to learn is your options.

There are several types of freestanding tubs available today. While some are ideal for bigger and more open spaces, some are perfect for smaller rooms. And here are 3 of them.

  1. Acrylic flatbottom freestanding tubs. This is a favourite among homeowners with smaller bathrooms because it is compact and space-saving. It takes less space than other types, such as the alcove and deck-mounted tubs, and is easy to install. Thus, you can simply fit it in a corner, and you’re good to go.
  2. Clawfoot tubs. While primarily designed for larger bathrooms, the freestanding clawfoot tub now has smaller versions that are perfect for smaller spaces. But even with new size variations and designs, the vintage style of this bath that stands on four feet still retains its classic and luxurious quality.
  3. Asymmetric freestanding tubs. Smaller bathrooms will do well with a tub and shower in one – something that asymmetric tubs can provide. Moreover, they are suitable for small corners because they are smaller than the average corner tub.


Bathtubs are some of the best bathroom essentials for self-care and distressing. No wonder many still choose to have one despite having a small bathroom.

Thankfully, with more options to choose from, you can find the perfect tub that will fit into your limited space and give you a well-deserved luxurious bath.


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